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Audre Lorde Talks With Mary Lu Lewis, 2 of 2

Womanist observer Mary Lu Lewis interviews Audre Lorde in her hotel room after the Broadside Press 10th Anniversary Celebration, 1975. Michelle Citron joins Mary Lu at Audre Lorde’s request toward the close of the interview.

Lie Back and Enjoy It

An eight-minute dialectical film about the politics of representation. More specifically, it examines the politics of filmic representation of women under patriarchy. An undergraduate male student paid it a true compliment in declaring that he can no longer look at a woman in a film without thinking about the consequences of the filmmaker’s use of

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Julia Lesage has described Rape as “an explicitly feminist documentary film which uses experimental techniques” in order to tell the stories of rape victims and analyze various myths and facts about rape in the United States. Lesage describes the structure of the film as “that of one evening’s conversation in which women who had been

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Chocolate Cake (Original)

The film was made in response to an evening during which a number of male members of Chicago’s experimental film scene gathered at JoAnn’s house and proceeded to ignore both her and the chocolate cake she made for the occasion. The film consists of a series of shots documenting the making of a chocolate cake,

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