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Mitchell, Fran Collection

The collection consists of 750 feet of silent, color, 8 mm film from the 1960’s. The films were shot in Maine and consist of home movies, including footage of a Memorial Day parade, harness racing and construction of a lumber mill smokestack. Also included are scenes of Camp Natarswi, in Millinocket, and a speech given

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Sanibel (Original)

Shot in the Sunshine State, this 8mm film takes us on a textural trip to Sanibel, Florida’s shelly shores.

Monterey Maple Farm Wasp & Bird Feeder

Monterey Maple Farm Bird and Wasp Feeder belongs to a series of elements shot by JoAnn Elam at a farm in Monterey, MA, over the course of a few years in the early 1980s. While the other elements in the series explore the farmers’ work and the surrounding flora and fauna, Monterey Maple Farm Bird

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