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Larock, Marguerite Collection

The collection consists of the [Marguerite Larock–home movies], 20 reels of silent, black and white and color, 8 mm film, totaling approximately 3,810 feet. The films were shot primarily by Marguerite Larock, a lawyer based in Lewiston,Maine, during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. They include scenes of her children and extended family, birthday parties, Christmas

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Hohmann, Nancy Collection

The collection consists of the Hohmann Family Home Movies, which include 54 reels of silent, color, Super 8 film, totaling approximately 4,200 feet. The films, which consist primarily of home movies and travelogues, were shot between 1950 and 1983 by Nancy Hohmann and her father, John Frederick Hohmann. They include scenes of Christmas and birthday

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