[Zelma Williams — home movies] Tape 5

[Zelma Williams -- home movies] Tape 5


Williams, Zelma Collection
1994 – 1995
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Can Description:
Nantucket - Aug. 94;Christmas 94;Aislyn B.D. June 95;Jazzy + Ball;Mels Christmas Concert 95
Viewing Notes:
Sunset over the water. Panning shot of dunes and houses along the shore. A ferry. A lighthouse (Brant Point Light, Nantucket, Massachusetts). Three teenagers. (Carla, Melanie and John) Flowering rosa rugosa bushes. Flowering rose of sharon bushes. Cars parked in a driveway. Family members saying goodbye. Boarding the Nantucket Ferry. A marina. The steeple of the Unitarian Universalist/Second Congregational Meeting House "Old South Church". Boats at anchor. People disembarking the ferry. Carla and Melanie seated at a table on the ferry. Boats and the Brant Point Light. Carla and Melanie at the rail of the ferry. Shots of Nantucket, filmed from the ferry. Boats and sailing ships. The water seen from the ferry. A puppy next to a Christmas tree. Puppy chewing slippers. A man (Dave) and Melanie opening Christmas gifts. The puppy on the couch. Melanie with the puppy, an older dog (Molly), and a cat. Melanie opens a gift to reveal a camera. Three girls on a trampoline. Molly the dog and the puppy. People on the trampoline. Molly and the puppy playing in the snow. Molly and the puppy inside with Melanie. Melanie is watching the 106th Rose Parade on television. (January 2, 1995) The dogs playing in the snow. Dave shoveling snow, “assisted” by the puppy. Molly and the puppy, now named Jasmine, play in the snow. Melanie and the puppy, Jasmine, on the couch. Jasmine and the cat. Melanie, Molly and Jasmine at the lake, playing fetch. A pair of loons. People on the porch for a birthday party. A man and two children on the trampoline. A girl holding a baby, sitting next to Jasmine the dog. People on the trampoline. A woman with a camcorder. People eating on the porch. A young girl (Aislyn) opening birthday presents. The family eating cake. Aislyn and another girl sitting on the trampoline. Adults on the trampoline. A dog playing with balloons. A dog, Jasmine, playing with a ball. A boy playing electric guitar at a high school band concert. He plays ‘The First Noel’. The band performs. The chorus enters, carrying candles. They perform ‘O Holy Night’, ‘I am but a Small Voice’, ‘Joy to the World’, ‘Carol of the Bells’, ‘White Christmas’, ‘Silent Night’, and other songs. [End of Reel]
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Brant Point Light, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA;Washington, Maine, USA;Waldoboro, Maine, USA
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