White Heron–Jane Morrison–film elements. Reel 57

White Heron--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 57


Jane Morrison Collection
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White Heron Best Print
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Intertitle: ‘Learning Corporation of America’. Intertitle: ‘THE WHITE HERON a Maine Story’. A young girl, Sylvy, looking for a lost cow in the woods. Sylvy playing in the woods. She meets a hunter, who follows her home. Sylvy’s grandmother lets the hunter spend the night at their home. They eat dinner. An old woman, a young man (the hunter) and a young girl (Sylvy) sit on the porch, discussing birds. Sylvy and the hunter searching for the white heron. The man shoots a small bird. He tells Sylvy he has to kill the birds to study them. Later, Sylvy sneaks out of the house to look for the white heron. She climbs a tree as the sun comes up. The white heron in flight. Back at the house, Sylvy refuses to tell the hunter where the heron is, and he leaves. Sylvy in the woods with the cow. White herons in flight. Credits: ‘Cast Sylvy…Ruth Rogers, Hunter…Gary Stine, Mrs. Tilley…Mary Pike’, ‘Narrated by MARY STUART’, ‘Written, Produced and Directed by: JANE MORRISON, ‘Director of Photography FRED MURPHY, ‘Associate Producer ELAINE SPERBER’, ‘Editor JOAN BARKHAUSEN’, ‘Music RICHARD BELL’, ‘Art Direction and Costumes E.J. TAYLOR Ass’t Art Director KATHY AHERN’, ‘Location Sound CHAT GUNTER’, ‘Post Production Sound IMAGE SOUND ONE’, Assistant Camera ROGER DEAN Gaffer-Electrician MARC ROGERS Grip PETER NAMUTH’, Script Supervisor ANDRAYA KUUNYI Assistant Editor SARAH BOLDER Production Assistants KAREN SMITH KIMBERLY SMITH ANTHONY SMITH’, ‘Special Thanks to: GAIL and ED SMITH, KATHYRN and AL GURSKE, GEORGE WEARE, BETSY KNIGHT, PETER COSTELLO, WILLIAM F. RAYNES, MATT MURTHA, CHARLES HUNT, IDA MAY HUNT CAROL ARMSTRONG, ABBOT BROS, TREE SERVICE’, ‘This film was adapted from a short story by Sarah Orne Jewett. It was photographed on location in South Berwick, Maine, where it was written.’ Intertitle: ‘THE WHITE HERON’. [End of Reel]
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