Wedding, Disneyland, Children playing, 1959-1964–Joanne Swift–home movies. Reel 4

Wedding, Disneyland, Children playing, 1959-1964--Joanne Swift--home movies. Reel 4


Swift, Joanne Collection
1959 - 1964
Original Format:
400 ft.
Viewing Notes:
Wedding. Outside shot of bride, Joanne Swift, and her father at door to church with other people. Dark footage inside the church. Pan of the crowd from the back of church. Bride and groom come outside with Bridesmaids and go to car. Others come out of church. People in the car, the driver rolls down the window to talk to crowd. A Bridesmaid walks to the car. People in the car wave and drive away. Shot of the front of the church. More people come out, camera pans across the crowd. Car by the ocean. Inside dark footage, backlit of a man, then bride and groom sitting at a table. Better lighting of bride and bridesmaids. Outside on beach wedding party lines up. Pan across guests in front of house on beach. Pan of Wedding party on the beach in front of the ocean. Inside shots of couple cutting the cake, too dark to really see. Bride and groom dancing, dark and backlit. CU of a baby (Janet) outside. Woman holding baby, another older woman holding baby by a pool. Jo and Calvin with baby by pool. A woman in a swim cap jumps in the water, swims, climbs out. Disneyland. Crowd by a water wheel. Pan of crowd in Western themed area of park. Two women by a train. Shots of parking lot, pan to follow monorail. CU on monorail. Shot of two women in front of Disneyland sign. Walking into the park toward castle. Shots of rides around the park. Mountain, Submarine, western land, steamboat. Slightly Dark footage of Jo holding Janet. Baby sleeping. Women laughing at dinner table. Janet awake and being held. Janet being bathed in a green plastic bin. Janet on lap with a bow in her hair. Woman plays with her. Janet sits by pool with Jo. Janet on a blanket by the pool. Over exposed shot of Janet in the bath. Baby held up in front of camera kicking. Putting Janet in the pool. Holder her above the water. CU of baby poolside on Jo’s lap. Outdoor shot of clouds and trees. Baby girl (Janet) and a slightly older boy on ground by trees. (Framing too high so subjects mostly out of picture) Man holding Janet (shot too high) Calvin in a hat with a pipe wearing swimsuit sitting by a Jo in swimsuit with the baby between them on the beach by a canoe. Calvin holds Janet. Jo between them throwing rocks. Jo and baby smile for camera and wave. Calvin with baby in the ocean waves. CU Janet on the beach in a bonnet and diaper crawling. Janet, older now, walking by a bench with a peacock. Front gates of a house. Shot of a horse drawn carriage with colonial garb driver coming towards camera. Cut then shot of the carriage from the back. Long shot of Colonial house Janet outside in snow. Front of a house. Janet in snow walking in yard. Falls. Eats snow. Cut to Janet, now a toddler, in a yellow dress in the yard (now grass not snow) with a big stuffed animal. Janet in coat and hat in yard with stuffed lion. Portrait shots of Janet in front of house, in yard. Janet in yard with Calvin. Two of them walking. Janet walks toward camera. Jo in yard with Janet and a golden dog. Janet on father’s shoulders. Calvin holds Janet by water. She walks around. Calvin and Janet by water. Black Family in yard. Easter? Jo in hat. Swift family, including Rubye and Don, by the water with Janet. Men bring flowers in to the house. Man walks by hiding face with flower. CU of a snapping turtle on beach. Jo and Janet on beach with turtle. She pushes it with a paddle. Turtle goes into the water. Calvin and Janetl in snow in front of house with white dog. Calvin pulls Janet in sled. White trailer camera pans around it and woods. Janet in yard by trailer. Pan of building (school campus?) Cut to Janet (older, maybe 4) walking around neighborhood. Pan with her. Shot of tree by house. Pan across neighborhood trees in bloom and cars. Janet in yard barefoot playing by hose. Dark shots of cabin in woods? Pan through trees. Janet in front of flowers. Pan of flowers in woods (out of focus). Girl by pond. Cut to girl drinking water from a fountain. Cut to flowers. Janet with flowers. Flowers. Jo and Janet in front of flowers Janet in swimsuit in yard with sprinkler. Man holding something (diploma?) outdoors in a crowd. Pan across crowd. Janet with kittens. Cabin in woods. Pan across building. Pan across view of a bay from a mountain? Two couples dressed up in woods by lake. They go inside the house. Shots from a boat of water and seagulls, landscape. Pan of beach. Gulls in the sky. Birds by the water. Jo and Janet, man picks up bird and brings it to them, it flaps a lot. He puts it down
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Disneyland, Anaheim, CA 92802, USA;Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
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