Two Worlds of Angelita Print #11–Jane Morrison–film elements. Reel 115

Two Worlds of Angelita Print #11--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 115


Jane Morrison Collection
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Two Worlds of Angelita Print #11 Reel 1 of 2 Print #11 Two Worlds of Angelita 2 Worlds of Angelita Print #11 Reel 2 of 2
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Opening titles of ‘Los Dos Mundos De Angelita (The Two Worlds of Angelita), over a scene of a bus driving up a road in Puerto Rico. Children swimming, climbing trees, playing and fighting. Angelita returns home to family talking about moving to America. Angelita goes into town with her uncle. He gets in a bar fight. As they drive home the uncle complains about the lack of jobs in Puerto Rico. Angelita packs for America. The family attends a party. Her grandmother prays. Cut to a street in New York, where Angelita and her parents arrive at their new home. They have dinner with family, switching between Spanish and English. The family visits a park and watch musicians. Shot of a car with ‘Viva Puerto Rico Libre’ spray painted on the hood. Angelita and her cousin go to a basketball court. She watches dancers while her cousin plays basketball. She leaves, and bumps into a homeless person in the park. She returns home and entertains her parents while her father paints. Her father worries about finding a job. Angelita’s mother enrolls her in school. She is put in a class that discourages speaking Spanish. Gym class. She meets another girl who speaks Spanish. She goes to an arcade with her cousin. Her father gets a job as a janitor. Angelita tells her father about troubles at school. Her father quits his job. At school, Angelita wanders into a Spanish speaking classroom. The principle resists switching Angelita to the bilingual class. Angelita’s mother gets a job and argues with her father. Her cousin gets in a fight. Her father leaves for a job in Connecticut. A group of girls, including Angelita, dancing in New York City. End credits roll. [End of Reel]
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Puerto Rico,New York City, New York
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