Trip to Southeast Asia, 1953–Dorothy Stebbins Bowles–home movies. Reel 29

Trip to Southeast Asia, 1953--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 29


Bowles, Dorothy Stebbins Collection
Original Format:
16mm film
325 ft
Can Description:
1953 - Steb, Chet, Sally, Sam;Trip to Java and Bali (rice/fish);Saigon (street/bicycles);Hong Kong (harbor);Taiwan
Viewing Notes:
Chet in a large brimmed hat sitting in a small boat. Deck of a larger boat (schooner) Chet sitting on the deck. Dorothy in a large brimmed hat with sunglasses on sitting on the boat steering the rudder. Sailboat. A temple with streamers and lots of people around. People praying at a shrine. Cow skins surrounded by flowers at the base of the shrines. Rice fields, people working in the fields. Children holding schoolbooks. Pan of a long low building [3:12]. People walking down the road. Rice paddy. Dark shot of people. Children playing. Chet and Dorothy picnicking by the road. Women walking up a jungle path carrying objects on their heads. Sam, Chet, and Sally in the water. Dorothy runs off the beach and into the water. Sally and Sam on the beach. Chet writing at a desk outside. Sally in a pool. Hot tub. Chet drinking by the pool, toasts the camera. An Indian couple by the pool smile at the camera. Dark and backlit shot of people on a porch. People and cows working in the rice paddy, plowing. An ox cart. Two boys with some sheep. Sam and Chet walking in the rice paddy. Dark footage of people in a village. Chet talking with men in a village. Man working on irrigation ditch. Villagers. Chet holding a fish, he throws it back into the pond. Men measuring fish. City street: People on bicycles and some rickshaws and cars. Dock: loading hay, red cross trucks lined up. A large ship (Athos) [11:26]. Footage taken from a moving boat: wharf and large cruise/naval ships, shoreline, small Indonesian boats. CU of Sam and a woman. Sam and Sally by a road sign (Lugard Rd) overlooking a bay. Landscape along the coast. Men with flags and a long dragon puppet on poles. [End of Reel]
Java, Indonesia;Bali, Indonesia;Hong Kong
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