Trip to Pakistan, Russia, and Germany, 1957–Dorothy Stebbins Bowles–home movies. Reel 34

Trip to Pakistan, Russia, and Germany, 1957--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 34


Bowles, Dorothy Stebbins Collection
Original Format:
16mm film
400 ft
Can Description:
1957 - Steb and Chet trip: Pakistan to Germany;Peshawar to Kabul;Kabul: grain elevator, Russian housing project, Pouladas;Tashkent, Samarkhand: school, Tanelaine's Tomb, marketplace;Moscow: Red Square - line to mausoleum, Orthodox Church, hotel window view;Belgrade: Novi Sad, fort at Danube, Joza and Bosjian;Train Belgrade to Bonn;Bonn - ferry across Rhine
Viewing Notes:
Mountains. People walking in front of a wall. Dark footage. Men walking down the road with camels and donkeys. Men building a bridge, laying down the bricks. Snow covered mountains. A truck drives by with men hanging on the sides. Men with donkeys on the road, others walking down the road.;Kabul: Pan of a building with high long walls. A tall white building. Sheep being herded down the street. Landscape. Dorothy, wearing a Karakul hat, and a woman. An airplane with Russian writing on the side on a tarmac. A crowd in coats waiting. Chet wearing a Karakul hat standing with two men (Russian Ambassador and Harris Wofford).;Russia, Tashkent: Dorothy with a man and a woman (Gregory Gabzililov and Lyndia Mutvievna). A russian in uniform. Street scenes: people shopping, a small boy in uniform, russian advertisements. Children in a classroom (dark).;Samarkand: A building covered in mosaic (Guri Amir, Tamerlane mausoleum). Monuments and street scenes in Samarkand. Russian market sign. Marketplace, vendors, and crowds.;Moscow: A long line of people in Red Square. A small boy pushing ice off the sidewalk into the street. Children playing in the snow in a city park. Dorothy on a roof overlooking the city. A large white building. People in the square. Street scenes: street car, horse drawn carriage, traffic.;Yugoslavia: Dorothy, Chet, and a man on a rooftop overlooking a city. Dorothy and Chet on a bridge. Street scenes. Dark footage of Chet and some children.;Belgrade to Bonn: Footage shot from moving train window - mountains, houses, towns.;Salzburg: Chet with a woman (Gale Hargrove, his former secretary). Crossing the Rhine on a Ferry - boats, river, bridge, city (Bonn). [End of reel]
Kabul, Pakistan;Tashkent, Russia;Moscow, Russia;Yugoslavia;Germany;Salzburg, Austria
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