Sailing trip and family activities in Essex, 1940-1941–Dorothy Stebbins Bowles–home movies. Reel 18

Sailing trip and family activities in Essex, 1940-1941--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 18


Bowles, Dorothy Stebbins Collection
Original Format:
16mm film
b&w and color
375 ft
B&W Cynthia and Sally in raincoats holding hand walking in front of the house toward the camera. Cynthia and Sam in the backyard, Sam is carrying a deflated football. Shot of the back of the house, Chester and friend on the second level balcony while Chet and Barb play catch with a football. Boys on balcony wave at the camera. People hanging out on the patio. Chet drives a motor boat while Chester shows Sally something. They arrive at Joshua Rock. Chet points something out to Chester, Chet with a gun. A group of kids playing in the backyard. Adults flipping the kids. Three men dragging a long rope to move logs. Sawing logs, building a dam in the marsh. Car with a Christmas tree strapped to the top and the kids gathered around. Chet puts the dog on the top of the car with the tree, the dog jumps off. Baby cow in an enclosure with mother. Color (dark) Chicks in a barn. Sally and Cynthia play with chicks. Kids (Sam, Sally, Cynthia) get out of the car, Sally and Sam run down the street. Kids raking a field. Men on a John Deere hauling a stalk cutter. Dorothy on boat (Nordlys). Log drive in the water by the boat. Dorothy and one of the girls (Cynthia) in a small sail boat rowing to the yacht. Pan of dock at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Chet talking to a man on the dock. Some of the children climb out on the front of a large ship. Unloading salt from a large schooner to the dock. Large schooners. Ox carts filled with dried fish. Boy in a large coat behind the wheel of the boat. Cynthia on the deck in a yellow rain coat and hat. Boat canted in large waves. Boat scenes with kids and adults. Small boy (Sam) behind the wheel. People in row boat headed for shore. Large freighters in the distance. [End of Reel]
Can Description:
1940-1941 - Essex and sailing;B, Ches, Cynnie, Sally, Sam;Chet and B playing football;Rock at Selden's Creek;Ches, Jim, and Honey Lou Rogers building dam across marsh;Charlie Young;Calf, cow, baby chicks;Cutting/raking field;Symes going to nursery school;Dock at Lunenburg, Novia Scotia 1941;Log float;Day sails - Sally, Sam;Cynnie rowing, Ches rowing;Frieghters/Navy?
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