[Reid Family–home movies] Reel 5

[Reid Family--home movies] Reel 5


Reid Family Collection
circa 1928
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1928 East Boston Airport - Planes, pilots, personnel - 1929 Russell N. Boardian aboard Arbella, June 2
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A ferry on the water. Buildings on the shore, including one with the sign: ‘NATIONAL DOCKS STORAGE WAREHOUSE’. Airplanes parked outside an airport hangar, with the sign: ‘BOSTON AIRPORT CORP.’ Planes taking off and landing. Men in ‘BOSTON AIRPORT CORPORATION’ jumpsuits. A biplane. City and surrounding landscape seen from an airplane. Shot of the co-pilot. A bridge. A man in a flight suit standing next to an airplane. A biplane, with the number ‘5491’ on the wing. A man working on a plane engine. A man wiping down a propeller. Men moving a biplane, with ‘U.S. MAIL C.A.M.No.I’ on the side. Plane on the ground with the propeller spinning. Airplanes flying overhead. A person seated in the cockpit of an airplane. Airplanes landing and taking off. Two people in the cockpit of an airplane. A fuel truck next to an airplane. A man in a flight suit. Fueling the plane. A dog seated in the front seat of the dolly. Men beside a parked float plane. A military ship. A boy and a young man watch an airplane taking off. Shot of a sign: ‘Lafayette Hotel Ocean Front Old Orchard Beach Rooms with Bath’. An airplane with the tail number ‘9422’ parked on a beach: l'Oiseau Canari (Yellow BIrd), French plane that crossed the North Atlantic from Old Orchard Beach to Comliias, northern Spain, in June 1929--with a 29 hour crossing. The Green Flash attempted to depart the same day but crashed on takeoff. l'Oiseau Canari carried three aviators and a stowaway. The plane is in the collections of the Musée de l’Air, le Bourget, France. [There is a Spanish documentary on the French flight, El Pájaro Amarillo (2012) Laya Producciones.] An airplane parked outside an airplane hangar with the signs ‘THE HAZZARD SHOE FLYING CORP, THE HAZZARD SHOE HANGAR’. An airplane with the decal: ‘Green Flash’. Various shots of airplanes including Colonial Air Transport plane, first passenger air service in Boston; became American Airlines in 1931. The plane shown is Ford Tri-motor Nacomis, (NC9675), which crashed in Boston Harbor in June 1930. View of East Boston Airport building. People standing on an airfield. Close up of Christine Reid. A man in the cockpit of a plane with ‘New Arbella, Travel Air, RCA, Radio Re[ceiver]’ written on the side. Close up of an airplane logo ‘BOARDMAN, AVIATION CORPORATION, ANYTIME-ANYPLACE-ANYWHERE, BOSTON AIRPORT’. Airplane with: ‘THE BOSTON HERALD, SPONSORING NATIONAL GOODWILL TOUR FOR AMERICAN LEGION CONVENTION, BOSTON OCT. 6-9, WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC-MFG CO. RADIO TRANSMITTER’ written on the side. [Boston Herald report from April 20, 1930 in James Michael Curley scrapbook, Internet Archive] People standing around the airport. An airport building with: ‘STEARMAN, SKYWAYS’ written on the side. Two women in the cockpit of an airplane. Two men on a motorcycle with a sidecar. A man in uniform holding a little girl, holding a bouquet. They break a bottle of champagne on the propeller of a plane. The little girl standing in front of the ‘Boston Herald’ airplane. An airplane flying overhead. Shots of the airfield. An airplane taking off. A plane with the tail number ‘C 780’, and ‘The Boston Flying Club’. Airplanes landing and taking off. [End of Reel]
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Boston, Massachusetts
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