[Reid Family–home movies] Reel 18

[Reid Family--home movies] Reel 18


Reid Family Collection
circa 1936
Original Format:
B&W and color
Viewing Notes:
Title Card: ‘Among the Orcas Islands in Puget Sound.’ The San Juan Islands filmed from a boat. Intertitle: ‘The Olympic Mountains near Seattle.’ Mountains filmed from a boat on the water. Intertitle: ‘The boat rolled considerable.’ Shot of the ship’s rail going up and down. People inside the ferry, filmed through a window. Intertitle: ‘MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK Washington’. Shot of a field with Mount Rainier in the distance. A road leading to Mount Rainier. Intertitle: ‘The eastern face of Mt. Rainier.’ Shots of Mount Rainier. Intertitle: ‘Multnomah Falls (619 ft.) on the Columbia River Highway.’ The waterfall and bridge. Intertitle: ‘The Columbia River Gorge from Crown Point.’ Shot of the gorge and river. Intertitle: ‘A bit of the Oregon Coast.’ Shots of the cliffs and coastline. Intertitle: ‘CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK Oregon’. Panning shot of Crater Lake and surrounding mountains. Intertitle: ‘The Golden Gate Bridge in building.’ The Golden Gate Bridge, filmed from the water. Intertitle: ‘Alcatraz, home of the Federal penitentiary.’ Alcatraz Island filmed from a boat on the water. A ferry sailing towards the city. Intertitle: ‘The Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland.’ The pilings of the Baby Bridge and the city beyond. Intertitle: ‘San Francisco Bay’. The city, ships on the bay and Alcatraz Island. Intertitle: ‘Scenes at Lake Tahoe’. Shots of trees and a boathouse on the lake. A house. The boathouse. Panning shot of the lake. Intertitle: ‘Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe.’ Panning shot of bay and islands. Intertitle: ‘YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK California’. Intertitle: ‘In the high Sierras at Tuolumne Meadows.’ A mountain (possibly Polly Dome). Panning shot of surrounding mountains. Intertitle: ‘Half Dome from the floor of Yosemite Valley.’ Shot of Half Dome. Intertitle: ‘Vernal Falls and in the distance Nevada Falls.’ A man standing at an overlook, with Half Dome and waterfalls in the background. Intertitle: ‘The Yosemite Falls (1430 feet and 329 feet)’. Intertitle: ‘The upper fall, when full, is the highest free-leaping waterfall in the world.’ Shot of the waterfall. Intertitle: Deer are tame in Yosemite.’ A deer walking across the road. People feeding a deer. Intertitle: ‘Looking up the Yosemite Valley.’ Panning shot of the valley. Intertitle: ‘The panorama from Glacier Point.’ Shot of Half Dome and surrounding mountains. Intertitle: ‘The old weatherbeaten pine on Sentinel Dome. A young man sitting on a tree branch. Intertitle: ‘In the Mariposa Grove of Big Trees.’ A car driving past redwood trees. Intertitle: ‘The “Grizzly Giant”, oldest living thing.’ Intertitle: ‘It is estimated to be 4000 years old.’ Panning up the trunk of a redwood tree. A man mimes breaking a bottle on the hood of a car. Intertitle: ‘Our windshield boasted twelve national park stickers.’ Shot of the stickers on the windshield. Intertitle: ‘The End’. [End of Reel]
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San Juan Islands, Washington;Olympic Mountains, Washington;Mount Rainier, Washington;Multnomah Falls, Oregon;Crater Lake National Park, Oregon;San Francisco, California;Lake Tahoe, California;Yosemite National Park
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