[Reid Family–home movies] Reel 1

[Reid Family--home movies] Reel 1


Reid Family Collection
circa 1928
Original Format:
375 ft.
Can Description:
Leader - "Minn's house party";Can - "Minn's house party, Army Game, Smith & Vassar Colleges"
Viewing Notes:
A group of people walking out of a house and across a field. A man carrying a stick pauses to dramatically look around. People pop out from behind the rocks and bushes. The man with the stick pretends to shoot them. Young men doing flips over each other. Close up of a man with an ‘N’ on his sweater. A marching band on a football field. People in the stands. People marching on the field. Men in uniform running up the stairs of the stadium. A horse being led across the field. A football game. A person waving an ‘ARMY’ pennant in the stands. Wide shot of stadium and town beyond. Airplanes flying in formation. The football game. A crowd of people pose in front of a house. A group of women playing a clapping game. People walking up a dirt road. A boy chasing chickens. A man in a coat and fedora. A group of young men and women playing football. People loading and getting into cars. People pose outside a house. Close up of a young man in a knit hat. A young woman. A group of women walking up a path. A large group of people outside. Women running past buildings (college campus: Smith and Vassar) People sledding. An ice covered dam. A horse drawn sleigh. Panning shots of landscape and buildings. A woman in a parka walking toward the camera. Woman and dogs walking through the snow. Two woman standing on train tracks, waving as the train pulls away. Close ups of various woman. A biplane flying overhead. Clock tower and ornate windows. Campus buildings. A cathedral. Men in uniform, filmed through a car window. [End of Reel]
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Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts;Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York
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