[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III–home movies] Reel 33

[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 33


Cannon, LeGrand Jr. Collection
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1961 Vac, Lee IV, First x-mas 1961
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Sign: ‘Welcome to Illinois, Please Drive Carefully.’ Sign: ‘Lincoln Trail Home Site, 3 MI.’ Sign: ‘Site of the Lincoln Cabin.’ Sign: ‘Springfield 83300.’ Sign: ‘Welcome to Springfield, Home of Abraham Lincoln.’ Sign: ‘Lincoln, Home & Tomb.’ Sign: ‘Abraham Lincoln Home 1844 – 1861.’ Shot of the front of the Lincoln Home. People getting out of an amphibious vehicle. Shot of the dome of the Illinois State Capitol building. Abraham Lincoln statue at the capitol building. Panning shot of the capitol building. Statue and gardens. A large building. Sign: ‘Oak-Ridge Cemetery, Lincoln Tomb.’ Panning shot of the entrance to the cemetery. Cemetery gardens. Shot of people visiting Abraham Lincoln’s tomb. Shot of an American flag, panning back to the tomb. Sign: ‘Home of Vachel Lindsay.’ (Springfield, Illinois) Shot of a house. Sign: ‘Vachel Lindsay Home.’ Shot of the Vachel Lindsay House. Shots of gardens and houses. Sign: Heart of the Lincoln County, Petersburg, Surveyed By Abraham Lincoln, Invites You To Visit. Grave of Ann Rutledge. Original Lincoln Papers At Court House.’ Sign: ‘New Salem State Park.’ Sign for the ‘Wagon Wheel Gift Shop’. Sign: ‘The Home of Abe Lincoln – In Illinois – A Lincoln Play, AUG 24 – 27 AUG 31 – Sept 3. Three people looking in the door of a log cabin. Close up of a sign for the ‘Trent Brother’s Residence.’ Panning shots of log cabins. A tour group looking at the cabins. A man washing and hitching oxen to a wagon. People walking around the museum. Statue of Abraham Lincoln. Shot of an outdoor theater. Cut to scene outside moving car window. Road sign: ‘Chicago Skyway.’ Road sign: ‘Indiana Toll Road Entrance Eastbound Only.’ Sign: ‘Sohio, Welcome to Ohio, Stations Convenient to Turnpike.’ Road sign: ‘Ohio Turnpike Welcome.’ Road sign: ‘Stony Ridge, Toledo, Route 120, Keep Right.’ Sign: ‘Fremont, Home of Rutherford B. Hayes, Site of Croghan’s Defense of Fort Stephenson.’ Sign: ‘Fremont.’ Shot of the grave of Rutherford B. Hayes. Sign for ‘Spiegel Grave.’ Signs for the tomb and library. Shots of the Hayes Home. Sign: ‘Penna Line 2 MI.’ Sign: ‘Welcome to Pennsylvania.’ Sign: ‘Elizabeth, Keep Right, Exit 13 1 MI.’ Sign: ‘Elizabeth Goethals Bridge, Keep Right.’ (Connects Elizabeth, New Jersey, to Staten Island, New York) Sign: ‘Newark, Exit 15 1 MI.’ Sign: ‘Milton Hospital.’ Shot of the hospital. A woman (Marie) and a nurse exiting the hospital with a baby. (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV) An older couple holding Lee IV. Shot of the outside of a church. A different woman holding Lee IV. Cut to a living room decorated for Christmas. Two boys opening presents next to a Christmas tree. Panning shot of the living room and guests. Children playing. A woman feeding Lee IV. A man (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon III) and Lee IV. Blurry shot of the front of the house. The family gathered in the living room. Close up of Lee IV. Shot of family members. Lee IV as a toddler, playing. Lee holds Lee IV while Marie cuts his hair. [End of Reel]
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Springfield, Illinois;Ohio, USA;Pennsylvania, USA;Milton, Massachusetts
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