[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III–home movies] Reel 21

[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 21


Cannon, LeGrand Jr. Collection
1955 - 1956
Original Format:
Can Description:
St. Columbans 1955 - 1956 Fr. Scully Bishop H. Henry Field Day - Wedding, Essi, Morgrage, Mary Ellen, + other
Viewing Notes:
Three women and a man in a small motorboat. A seagull standing on a rock in the water. Panning shot of a group of women standing by the water. People in a boat. Women stepping into the boat. A priest joins the women standing on the dock. Panning shot of a picnic table and cars. People gathered around the table. Two women wrapped in a blanket with a toy horse head. Women in masks. Cut back to the picnic table. A woman sitting in a basin. A woman puts on a scuba mask and mimes swimming. A woman wading. Women in lawn chairs. Shot of a man in a boat. Shot of a tractor in a field by the lake. Shot of a cross. Men standing around, smoking. Panning shot of a building. Two people playing with a ball under a tree. Panning shot of trees. Shot of a statue. Two people in a car. Priests speaking on a stage. A cardinal waves at the camera. Women standing next to the cardinal. A group of people seated in lawn chairs. A woman falls out of her chair. A woman wading in the water. Women in a park. Priests speaking in a microphone. People on a dock. A man in a cowboy hat blowing up a balloon. Cut to three women around a table. Shot of a nativity scene at the foot of a Christmas tree. Women opening Christmas presents. Women greeting nuns. A group of nuns standing in front of a statue of Mary. A group priests praying. Shot of the bishop. A group of knights of Columbus. Shot of a sign that reads ‘Welcome To Vermont Last Stand of the Yankees Hartford Chamber of Commerce’. Blurry shot of a man and a woman. Shot of a wedding party. Cut to a girl sitting in an armchair. Two little girls and a dog. Bride, groom and bridesmaids walking down the sidewalk. Shot of the wedding party. Close up of the bride, groom and groomsmen. Shot of the bridesmaids. Various shots of the bridal party. Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake. Bride and groom dancing. People dancing. The bride tosses the bouquet. The groom taking off the bride’s garter. A man puts the garter on one of the bridesmaids. People dancing. Shots of the wedding party. Dark shots of wedding guests. [End of Reel]
Hartford, Vermont
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