[Marguerite Larock–home movies] Reel 9

[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 9


Larock, Marguerite Collection
Original Format:
B&W and color
Can Description:
Summer 1950
Viewing Notes:
A boy (Dennis) riding a tricycle on Main Street in Lewiston. A man and a woman stepping out of a car at Vernard Frost’s graduation. A man (Vernard Frost) in cap and gown bows in front of the camera. Vernard posing for the camera. He holds up his diploma. Vernard walking with Phyllis. Shots of flags. Students walking out of the Wallace School on the last day of school. Cut to Dennis trailing his hands in the water from a boat on East Grand Lake. Lionel and Marcia sitting in the boat. A girl (Marcia) sitting on the bow of the boat while a boy (Dennis) plays with an oar. Cut to a tent pitched next to a car. People can be seen playing on the lake shore in the distance. Panning shot of the lake and camp site. Two men sitting in the boat. (“Pop’s friend & lawyer”) Cut to Marcia and another girl (Carolyn?) riding horses at Bonnie Brae Ranch in Auburn. A man leads Dennis on one of the horses. Cut to a panning shot of the Portland, ME waterfront from the ferry for Peaks Island as Lionel, Dennis, Marcia and their grandparents watch from the rails. The family sitting on the rocks near the water. Lionel (Lee) fishing from the rocks. Various shots of people sitting on the rocks. Cut to the children riding ponies. A man (Lionel/Lee) making faces through the shop window. Cut to Lola walking up the sidewalk carrying baby Timmy. Cut to Marcia playing in a beached rowboat while her Grandmother stands on the dock behind her at Roland’s Beach. Two men sitting on the beach. Cut back to Marcia in the boat, while Dennis wades in the water. (Film changes to color) Shot of the beach. Cut to Marcia holding baby Shellie. Shellie lying down while Marcia and woman off screen play with her. Dennis sitting next to Shellie with two men. Dennis and Marcia opening presents next to a Christmas tree, 1950. Cut to Norman at 3 weeks old with Marcia and Dennis. Children playing in the snow with a dog. Cut to a close up of Norman. Dennis standing close to Norman. Family sitting at the table eating. [End of Reel]
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Lewiston, Maine;Portland, Maine;Peaks Island, Maine;East Grand Lake, Maine
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