[Margaret May McGrew Hunter–home movies] Reel 3

[Margaret May McGrew Hunter--home movies] Reel 3


Mariette Hollins Collection
1939 – 1942
Original Format:
b&w, color
400 ft
Can Description:
Amateur footage. Can notes: Judo boys 1939 Rizole Day, M's birthday 1942. Processing notes, PSL: Hawaiian men in traditional dress, dignitaries (in white) seated before men, ritual ceremony, wrestling; rodeo; pageant with dance and swords, women and men, clowns, more skits and dance with swords, parade; band stand with pageant, military band and spectators on bleachers; young children around table at birthday party for little girl.
Viewing Notes:
A group of sumo wrestlers, wearing keshō-mawashi (silk belt and apron worn during the ring entering ceremony). A dance/ceremony. A procession of wrestlers, led by a gyōji (sumo referee). A sumo match. Cut to men riding bulls. People gathered around an arena. Procession of people in uniforms and costumes. A sword dance/performance. A procession of the performers. People fencing with performers in costume. Other performances. A parade with a marching band. Floats in the parade. People standing around a field. Shots of the marching band. Performers walking around the stage, and then bowing. People sitting in the stands around the field. The marching band and men in uniform crossing the field. Children seated at a table. A little girl blows out candles on a birthday cake. A woman feeding a baby. The baby “helping” to cut the cake. Several babies sitting on the grass. A group of children pose for the camera. [End of Reel]
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