[Margaret May McGrew Hunter–home movies] Reel 2

[Margaret May McGrew Hunter--home movies] Reel 2


Mariette Hollins Collection
1930 – 1936
Original Format:
400 ft
Viewing Notes:
People seated at an outdoor table beside a cabin. A man with a line of fish. A group of people on horseback. A man and a dog leading horses. Two men in a motor boat. People seated by the water, feeding ducks. People around a campsite. A group of people pose by the water, and then walk along a log. A man and dogs herding sheep. A boy with puppies. A group of people watch as a boy rides a calf. He falls off. Various other boys ride different calves. A car driving up a dirt road, boys clinging to the sides. Boys playing outdoors. A group of boys pose for the camera. People standing around several wood-paneled trucks. A man with a rifle. A man leading a horse. Boys holding kittens. Ducks in a pond. A boy herding ducks. People standing on a dock, near a sailboat and a canoe. Calves in a pen. A boy riding a calf. Three boys sledding. People skiing. Shots of a ranch from above and the surrounding landscape. Women looking at photographs on a table. Shots of various men and women drinking. A bonfire. A woman lying on a haystack. A crowd of people. Men playing baseball while women watch from the edge of the field. Close up of women wearing kerchiefs around their necks, each one with a cow and a stylized ‘Doggie’ written on it. A card game. A woman speaking into a bullhorn. A man training a horse to do tricks. A man with a fish. A man grilling and people eating. [End of Reel]
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