[Lincoln Movie Queen] (Release Print)

Lincoln Memorial Library Collection
Original Format:
16mm film
900 ft
Can Description:
New release print created from dupe negative (acc. 1493.0001.01), possibly at Cineric, of Movie Queen film shot in Lincoln, Maine. // Local residents appear. // Crowd greets Queen at train station. Parade with marching band and caravan of cars, including one open car with 'Movie Queen' on side. Two fire engines and other trucks, sign on one trucks reads: 'Ioof Hall, Monday August 26. See yourself on the screen. Lincoln Goes Hollywood. Motion pictures are now being taken for the Movie Queen. Tickets 40 cents. Philgas range free.' Ice. Mack's Bread. Car with canoe. Tracy Artesian Well Co. Queen is presented key to city. Handwritten title: 'Patronize your local merchants. They deserve it.' Casino Motor Co. Queen looks under hood. She test drives car. Some machinery. Kids swimming at lake, possibly a day camp? Children play duck-duck-goose game. Boys play ball. Other games, all in town. Bangor Hydro-Electric. Movie Queen inspects refrigerators. Nation wide Service Grocers. Sack of flour delivered to Movie Queen's car. Bon-Ton Lunch. Restaurant. Ballantines [beer] on tap. Mileage sign: 'New York 540 mi., Kansas City 1789 mi., Denver 2454 mi., Los Angeles 3208 mi.' Young woman comes out with beer mug for Movie Queen. Movie Queen toasts. Lincoln House. Hotel porch. Lincoln filling station. Rawding Tours bus. Disembark at Lincoln House. 'Sightseeing motor tours.' Leen's Cafe. Lunch, regular dinners. Enthusiastic apronned employees. Beer. Dainty dinnerware for camp or cottage. Movie Queen inspects. Gatway Motors. Pontiac demo. Gas up. 1935 Massachusetts license plate. Small Tire Service Co. John Deere tractor. Nissen Bakery truck. McKinnon's Market window display. Kool Aid demo. Delivery boy. Hardware store. Townspeople perform the kidnapping and robbery: gangsters, holdup bank, grab woman in middle of the street with rope. Hero embraces Movie Queen.
Lincoln, Maine
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