Italy, Austria & Switzerland, 1928–Dorothy Stebbins Bowles–home movies. Reel 6

Italy, Austria & Switzerland, 1928--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 6


Bowles, Dorothy Stebbins Collection
Original Format:
16mm film
350 ft
Can Description:
1927 Dorothy Stebbins - Round the World Trip - Italy, Austria, & Switzerland #6;Italy, Austria, & Switzerland;"Carmania
Viewing Notes:
A woman in 1920's dress on a tree lined dirt road. Women eating on an outdoor patio with waiters - Dorothy's mother Ada, sister Frannie, and Mrs. Chase. Swans in a pool. Children put flowers on an outdoor alter. A dark shot of a Friar. Donkeys walk down a narrow street carrying a load of sticks and lumber. Italian women in shawls walk by. A shot of a church. A woman in a window. Shots of the streets and Italians gathered in a plaza. LS of a town. Two women (Frannie and Ada) in 1920's outfits and a man around a car. The women get in the back. Footage of the woods. An older woman with a scarf around her hair picking flowers and herbs.;Venice: Women doing laundry in a canal. Frannie and Ada walking in garden. The canal. Frannie & Ada get into a gondola. Footage taken from the gondola as they travel through the main canal in Venice, buildings, other gondolas. Arrive at Plaza San Marco. People walk around the square. A young girl in a dress and hat chases pigeons. Frannie feeds pigeons. Frannie and Ada in a car with Alps in the background.;Austria: Street scenes. A man wearing lederhosen window shopping. Prater Amusement Park, Vienna. Film from small train. Outdoor restaurant with empty tables. Frannie and Ada drinking beer from liter mugs. River and mountains. Austrian street. Countryside. Outdoor restaurant by the river. More street scenes. Men in lederhosen and women in Dirndl Dresses. People working in a field collecting hay and piling it on a horse drawn cart. Dorothy, Ada, and Frannie picnic in the grass. Alps with snow. Swiss city (Innsbruck?). Women dressed in black walking down the street. A man, child, and woman with a baby on her back walking down a country road. Portrait of the women. Boy and woman with cows. Row boat. Frannie and Ada in a boat. More landscape. A glacier. Come into a town (Lucerne?). Footage from a boat of other boats and the riverside. Larger boat - ocean liner. People on the deck. Two men sitting on post and hitting each other with bags until one falls. Ada and Frannie sitting on deck. Tennikot.

Italy;Venice, Italy;Vienna, Austria;Switzerland;Austria
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