India to Cairo, 1928–Dorothy Stebbins Bowles–home movies. Reel 4

India to Cairo, 1928--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 4


Bowles, Dorothy Stebbins Collection
Original Format:
16mm film
400 ft
Anecdotal Comments:
Dorothy bought her camera for this trip around the world. In a letter home to her mother on 10/12/1927 Dorothy wrote, "I went to an Eastman store and got instructions on how to load and run my camera and went to some bookstores to get a few books on China and Japan. Tomorrow I shall start taking pictures - gosh isn't it thrilling - I can't wait to get going.";In a separate letter on 10/13/1927 she told her mother about the ship leaving port. The ship leaving is the first image on this reel. "Leaving was most exciting! A Philipino orchestra played and everyone threw paper streamers. K[ay] and I took pictures right and left - I do hope they come out. I shall send them after we get to Shanghai where we can have them developed.";In a letter on 10/23/1927 Dorothy described filming some of the bad weather that they had on the ship. this segment can be seen from 00:55-1:43 in the film. "It was darn rough, even the Captain admitted it was exceptional. K[ay] and I got some pretty darn good pictures of it taken from the bridge and I want you to know we got soaking wet in the process The bow of the boat would go right under and spray came up over the top bridge where we were.";source: Dorothy S. Bowles Papers, 1887-2012, Dorothy Stebbins to Ada Stebbins, Letters. October 12-23, 1927. MC 813, folder #1.4. Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Can Description:
1927 Dorothy Stebbins - Round the World Trip - India to Cairo #4;India 1927: Peshawar, Khyber Abb'd, Kashmir, Jaipur, "Raiualpindi" Cairo
Viewing Notes:
Peshwar: Busy street. Men in turbans. Army post? Sign "Notice Visitors are strictly forbidden to enter the [?] perimeter By Order" (1:03) Dorothy's new travelling companion, Mrs. Chase, in front of mountain landscape (Khyber Pass?). Man with a camel. Donkey. Men trading (one has scales). Soldiers. Western women in a car. Earthen hut. Men around village. Donkeys in the road. Merry-go-Round and food sellers in Peshwar, celebrating the end of Ramadan. Men and children ride a small carousel. Western man and women coming out of a building (Franny and Dick Hill). (3:59) Women in car (Franny and Dorothy). Scenes along the road from Abbottabad to Srinagar, Kashmir. Men digging rocks out of the road. Mountains. Franny in a gondola. Footage of the shore from the boat. Bridge, people on the shore, house boats, buildings, mountains, people working. Picnic Dorothy, Franny, and Mrs. Chase. People and children gathered at an event/fair. Western men and women. Building with "Hari Pur Hazara" written on it (Haripur, India/Pakistan). People at train station platform.;Jaipur: Well, woman with water jug on her head. Men riding elephants in the street. Camels carrying timber? Monkey. Elephant carrying people. Person with a large bundle on their head. Women working. Street scenes. Man in a garden. Elephant. Train station platform.;Udaipur: Monkeys in the street and by the train begging for food. Fountain and gardens. Englishman in the garden (Mr. Moerton?) Women carrying pots on their heads and other street scenes. Women getting water from the river. Wall painting (mural). Portrait of an Indian man in a turban, the secretary to his Highness the Maharana. He gets into a horse-drawn carriage. Rowing across the lake. Elephant statues. Far shot of a herd of animals pigs (15:18) Man pouring water while other men drink it. S.S. Ralaljandi from Bombay to Port Said: On boat playing tennikoit.;Cairo: Camels in the desert. Mrs. Chase gets on a camel. Dorothy and Mrs. Chase on camels. Pyramid. Camel turning a millstone. People riding donkeys and camels down the road. Dorothy on a camel. Pyramid of Djoser, Saqqara. [End of Reel]

peshawar, pakistan;Kashmir;Haripur, Pakistan;Udaipur, India;Jaipur, India;Cairo, Egypt
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