India, 1952–Dorothy Stebbins Bowles–home movies. Reel 23

India, 1952--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 23


Bowles, Dorothy Stebbins Collection
Original Format:
16mm film
275 ft
Can Description:
1952 - India;Picnic/Hauz Khaz (old city outside Delhi);Jean Joyce;Delhi Public School - games Sally;Sevagram (Gandhi's village) -spinning, irrigation, plowing, Leper Hospital, Mr. Aryanayakam;Republic Day parade in New Delhi - floats from the states, schools, military, Nehru;Refugee colony;Delhi - markets;Raj Ghat - Gandhi's tomb, beloved place;Snake charmer - Sam;Holi festival (spray and smear color) - Sally, Sam, Chet, Steb;Kendari Island, Indonesia (same trip as #20? Celebes)
Viewing Notes:
Hauz Khaz, Delhi: Chet, Cynthia, and Sally sitting with some Indian women outside in a park. Sam playing catch. Families picnicking in the park. The Bowles children playing with some Indian children. Sally buys an ice cream bar from a vendor. Indian men and women playing handball. Sally in school uniform with some classmates.;Sevagram: Boys spinning thread. Village irrigation system. Man in a field with two cattle plowing. Children playing on a swing.;Delhi: Republic Day parade: floats, men on elephants, soldiers on camels, soldiers marching, dancers, acrobats, etc. Crowd along the road. Nehru arrives and sits in a special chair on the sidelines.;Refugee colony. Delhi market: venders, crowds. Street scenes in Delhi. Raj Ghat - Gandhi memorial. Snake Charmers with Sam and other children around. Sam and some Indian boys throwing Holi powder on each other. Sally runs away from an Indian girl with Holi powder. Dorothy lets women put powder on her face and holds an Indian baby. Chet gets powder put on him. Several Indian women on the road, Sally gives them flower necklaces. Battlements on the ocean. Chet talking to two men. Indonesian sailboat. [End of Reel]
New Delhi, India;Sevagram, India;Indonesia
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