[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 95

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 95

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
1966 – 1967
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350 ft
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NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 95: 18:00. Young boy, girl sit in bed of pickup truck. They wave as truck starts journey. Wharf, platform extending into water. White van parked adjacent. Family group on platform wave. Pan. of family group. 19:05. Woman prunes, clears away shrubbery in wood. Two others assist her.19:02. Woman continues to throw aside, with two assistants, shrubbery clippings. Young man hews foliage with hand-scythe. Man casts aside foliage clippings. Man, woman attired for swimming. Man adjusts trunks. Young girl wades in water. Other family members enter water. Man swims about. 20:16. Young girls walk out of water. Tennis court. Stag game. Four men playing. Older man lobs ball. 21:02. Game continues. Evergreen trees, house in background. Woman joins game. Family at umbrellaed table at side of court. 22:04. Man, woman leave court. Tennis players now join family under outdoor umbrella. Clad in shorts, sports attire family reenters tennis court. Man, woman hold large mugs, steins. Youngsters playing tennis. Boy lobs ball. 23:02. Girl positions ball for lobbing. Girl, boy lob ball back and forth. Older girl, 20ish, comes on court and shakes young girl's hand. Older man, wearing sunglasses, beret waves from rowboat. Boat landing, wharf. Beam, appended from ropes has instrument in hole at right. Passenger-laden motorboat skims over water. 24:03. Unfurled sails of sailboat. Older couple. Woman has wooden pole which goes to boat. Man, woman standing on boat. Two women tending to foliage in wood. One woman works with hoe while the other pulls up weeds. Woman with hoe, pauses, smiles. Exterior of home. Two women in yard, working on lawn. 25:01. Men have refrigerator, appliance on dolley. They roll it up path of home. Wedge it through door. Woman emerges from home, sets two boxes down. She adds another. Older man places boxes in car trunk. 26:03. Man takes more boxes which woman brings from home. Girls emerge, laden with luggage. Woman in back points in direction to which such goes. Young woman puts luggage in trunk of 'Volkswagen'. Trunk is located in front of car. Woman emerges from home, carrying garment on hanger. Older man emerges with mailing tube, paper bag. After girls complete packing trunk of car, woman fastens lid. Vertical floral Christmas decoration appended from outer window sill of home. 27:07. Woman, children sportingly shoveling snow by garage. Assorted foliage. Boy bicycles down sidewalk. He dismounts, manually rolls bike up sidewalk. Older man by birdhouse at side of home. He snips length of cardboard which he has with him. Teenage boy looks on. 28:03. Man runs away after igniting firecracker. Youngsters looking on clap hands to ears as it explodes, emitting smoke. Family walks forward. Older man strokes his bald head. Boy kicks what's left of firecracker. Blazing fire. Wharf. Boat speeds across water surface. Tranquil water surface. Evergreens of opposite shore. 29:04. Pleasure craft leaves generous wake behind it. Man docks boat. He greets woman, boy waiting on shore. Older man enters boat with man who docked it. Motorboat, two boys aboard, docks. Boy places large valise, small bag in bed of pickup truck parked by trees. Other family members in area. Woman with coat over arm. 30:03. Male members of family follow as woman walks along. Woman, men wave as truck drives off. Man rows backward across lake. Two men on lower porch roof of home. They are removing branches of a tree which overhangs roof. Man saws limb as buddy holds it. 31:03. Teenage boy divides log with bare hands. He axes block of wood. Ladder propped against tree. Man stands on tree branch. He saws off large branch. Boy, girl in Halloween costumes. Boy wears mask, costume. Girl attired like 'Pilgrim' woman. Paper pumpkin decorations in window. CUs of the two. Rear view as they walk toward window. Girl curtsies. 32:02. Boy bows. Two men on separate ladders. They are working on ell of garage roof. Vans parked by garage. Woman stands by guard rail on highway. Trees in background. Girl stands on running board of pickup truck. She dismounts. Man, boy follow her. 33:01. Man wheels baby carriage by truck. Girl follows. Older man in yard. Has circular item in hand. It resembles tennis racquet. Carries items in opposite hand. Boat landing. Water surface. Sailboat in water. Man stands on pier. Man on dock with fuel can for boat. Boy crouches down as man fills fuel tank of boat. 34:01. Carrying box, girl walks on dock. Woman follows behind. (These shots a bit faded.) Woman carries infant in arms. Woman sets infant down and holds bottle as infant partakes. Girl watches at side. The three are aboard boat. Boy aboard. Boat creates wake. Man, woman on boat. Infant cradled in her arms, woman walks on dock. 35:03. Man, boy aboard pleasure craft. Boy adjusts rigging. Man and boy work at side of boat. Water surface, overhanging trees of shoreline. Pool just above shoreline. Evergreen trees and foliage of opposite shoreline. Swimmers, float in pool. 36:00. Bathers at side of pool. (End of Reel 95.)
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