[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 87

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 87

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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NHF Cataloger's notes Reel 87: Group of people assembled at side of road, mountains in the distance. 36:01. Two men remove their hats, bow to women. Autumn. Leaves of trees colored. Men in male majorette uniforms march single file down side of street. Spectators in bleachers. Others stand at side of field. Right-tracking pan. of football field. Male majorette group who have been at side of field commence marching onto field. 37:01. Helicopter in sky. Uniformed males at side of field. Group of soldiers attended by civilian man, march onto field. Soldier implants small flag in field. Soldiers hold scarlet flags with gold stars aloft. 38:06. Gray-uniformed group marches onto field. Spectator's shoulder occupies shot foreground. Gray-uniformed group marches down field. 39:01. Pan. of spectators. Football team is now on field. Huddles. Game begins. Overhead shot of spectators, field. Gray-uniformed group marches across field. White-streaks in sky. Toddler walks up stone path of home, mother behind. Toddler creeps along. Man, woman walk up path of home. Shadowy shot. Interior of home. Small lights are on. 41:06. Woman cuts item. Child in highchair. Man rises from table. Woman spoons food onto plate. Man feeds toddler. Toddler stands on floor, sad expression on face. 42:06. She walks around. She pauses. Man holds toddler on lap as he plays cards. Toddler holds card. Exterior of home. Lower windows thrust outward. Porticoed door. Rightward track of area. 'Allied' moving van, truck in street. Man walks down sidewalk. Man emerges from home carrying dissembled playpen. 43:11. Snow on ground. Men carry various items out of house. Man carries cloth bag. Man carries mattress, part of bed. Refrigerator. 44:00. New home. Men carry item in. '45' on door. Man wheels tire down moving van ramp. African-American man removes items from van. Man, woman standing by door of home. Couch is removed from van. White bureau. Door of home with vertical Christmas decoration. Woman carrying striped bag takes toddler by hand. It's cold! Woman's breath visible as vapor. 45:03. Pan. of Christmas presents in parlor. Vertical track of Christmas tree. Man touches toddler on shoulders. Toddler wears sport's jacket with college emblem attached. Woman straightens jacket. Girl and boy toddler. Their clothes match in colors, rose and yellow. Woman arranges presents by tree. 46:05. Family assembled by tree. Girl toddler points. Woman playfully pokes girl toddler. Various items are removed from box. Boy toddler removes toy military tank. Girl toddler walks along carrying long wrap from present. 47:01. Girl removes roll toy on handle. Girl plays with roll toy. Exterior home. Green shutters. Well-trimmed bushes. Woman has snow-suited toddler by hand. They descend steps of home. Toddler falls in front of car, but quickly rises. Toddler walks about, waves. Woman, wearing corsaged fur stole. 48:08. Woman has toddler by hand. Toddler wears Easter finery. Woman, also clad in Easter finery, waves, hoping that toddler will emulate her. Man picks toddler up in his arms. Holding her, he crouches down. Wash waves on clothesline outside of home. 49:03. Black socks, sheets, rose-hued blouse, trousers. Woman walks by shrubbery, bush in flower. She points to flowers. Man in suit, boutonniere. He stands by flowering bush. Woman, girl in matching outfits walk in yard. 50:03. Woman touches toddler girl on shoulder. Toddler twirls around. Toddler walks on sidewalk near to car. Assembled crowd. There are adjacent to trees. Man, in robe, holds book. May be a minister. Elderly man in chair. Crowd. 51:02. Man places spade in ground. Men approach man in ministerial robe. They shake hands with him. Car in flames at side of road. Two men, elderly woman walk along. Two women, man walk down gangway-like device. The three stand at wharf edge. 52:02. Man carrying suitcase, coat walks up gangway. Others on gangway. Little dog accompanies older couple. Ladies in yard. One wears apron. Two men. Other woman join the party. Two women, man by fence. Good comic shot of obviously-pregnant woman. Her smock is bulging with anticipated child. She wears hilarious Hedda Hopper-type hat. She poses near bushes, walks away. 53:05. Woman waves, She slides into driver's seat of car. Car parked at side of home. Trailer hitch secures boat attached. Pan. of home exterior, boat, car. (End Reel 87.)
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