[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 69

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 69

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
1951 – 1952
Original Format:
400 ft
Viewing Notes:
NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 69: (36:06) men walk to car in front of new house;older woman w/ fancy blue dress and parasol models out fit for camera;woman w/ parasol, midshot;woman w/ parasol walks to camera;group of people pass camera, some wave;man woman, arm in arm approach camera;two women talk;(37:49 to 37:58 to dark to see) well dressed people w/ drinks in hand;people drinking and talking;man winding camera;group of women w/ drinks;(38:46) woman in graduation robe w/ yellow sash, woman's head not shown, (dark);woman in robe from side;woman in robe talking to group of people;talking to older woman;woman in robe modeling (holes in film);man w/ tractor mows grass;man in tractor drives toward camera;man, two women stand in door frame;(39:43) two women, two men, older woman hugs younger woman, younger woman hugs young man;woman kisses other woman on cheek, woman shaking man's hand, (dark) two men, one woman talk in front of of car;(40:15) woman walks down stairs and approaches camera;two men walk down stairs toward camera w/ steamer trunk;men set trunk down next to car, woman gets out of car;men put trunk in car;man walks toward camera w/ roled up carpet;man puts carpet in trunk;car drives away;man stands next to open trunk;woman folds clothes on porch, man walks up, picks something up, walks away;(40:54) sign 'Cooper Inn;cars parked in front of house;car backing up to house;pan across large brick building;sign 'Fenimore House and Farmer's Museum;car POV, heavily obscured by dashboard;pan across building w/ stone turrets;people standing in front of stone building, long shot;sign 'Farmer's Museum;two women looking at covered wagon;peacock looking in mirror;woman w/ small box purse looking in the back of wagon;woman and man wave from doorway of red rectangular house;turkeys stand next to stone wall, peacock walks on wall, jumps down, turkeys attack peacock;two people stand in front of pillared doorway, next to flag;pan right to left of pillared house;(44:03) large group of well dressed people talking;longer shot, church in background;man, woman w/ bouquet of yellow flowers runs across street;bridesmaids stand in a line w/ bride and groom;older couple stand w/ maid and bride;bride and groom;bridesmaid;bride and groom cut wedding cake (dark);man seen from waist down carrying jug;bride waves to crowd;crowd rushes forward, little girl w/ bouquet;bride throws bouquet into crowd;woman hugs man;bride, groom, leave house, crowd throws rice;two women, man look into car, car drives away;woman puts arms around older man;older man kisses woman;car door opens (dark);(46:30) front door of stone house;woman stands in front of house (dog in window?);shot of porch w/ rocking chair;sunny side of stone building;darker side of house;man carries clothes out to car (dark) woman carries dress on hanger;older woman w/ bouquet removes trash can from car;(47:11) woman models whit dress w/ bouquet;CU of bouquet;midshot of woman in white dress;woman shows white gloves to camera;woman in plaid pants holds tray w/ two loaves of bread, older man smells bread, smiles;woman walks to camera and shows bread;two women sit on patio, one smokes, grill in foreground;woman in bathing suit walks down steps w/ young child;woman, man inspect horseless carriage;man pushes carriage out of garage;woman in bathing suit climbs onto carriage and examines lever;older woman climbs into carriage;two men, one woman stand behind carriage, older woman passes right to left in front;young girl stands in carriage w/ woman in bathing suit;two men look at carriage, little girl runs by;woman in period clothing walks up to carriage w/ little girl;man, woman in bathing suit pushes carriage back into garage;man in coveralls w/ cigarette writes on paper on hood of car, woman watches;sign 'Georgie', men in foreground;people waving from windows of boat;men untying gangplank, gangplank pulls away;crew hauls something aboard;(50:21) tall younger woman and older woman wave to camera;younger woman and other older woman;woman walks under sign '-Private- Isle of Springs Assn.' and down pier;woman w/ box walks down beach and under sign;woman on roof of porch opens shutters, sweeps sill and installs screen;(51:36) group of people walk onto bridge and greet people already sitting on guardrail at right of shot;small child sits on steps, older woman comes out of door, picks up basket, sits by child, and gives her something from basket;little girl walks along bridge and puts on coat;two older women stand w/ little girl in front of red pickup truck by water;woman stands near car in front of white building, little girl approaches;man loads suitcases into car, little girl watches;woman holds small china pitcher w/ leaves painted on;car drives away;(52:32) sign: 'Picnic Lunches- $1.00';sign over barn door: 'Happy Hollow Farm;woman holding boxes and bottle turns and talks to man next to sign;sign: 'Picnic Area;woman sits at picnic table, eating;(52:56) long shot of water and coastline;shot of water w/ tree in foreground;car POV, view obscured by wipers and dashboard;car POV, route sign '144';car POV, car approaches house on beach;sign: 'STOP at toll window;window set in green building w/ sign: 'Toll Window;large fallen tree trunk;large stump;man smoking, pushing wheelbarrow w/ mattress (?) in it;man fixing flag to porch;man, woman stand on steps, man lights fireworks, runs off woman takes longer to light hers, then runs off;woman kneels on ground, lights fireworks;(54:44) men working on tennis court, laying lines, rolling surface;man laying tape;dog, children on court;men pull roller over surface.
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Cooperstown, New York;Isle of Springs, Maine
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