[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 64

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 64

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
Original Format:
400 ft
Viewing Notes:
NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 64: (0:00) Woman going to garage door;(0:10) Graduation of girl (dark);girls leaving house w/ tennis raquets;people swimming, one man in outboard circles swimmers, boy attempts to water ski, falls down;(1:40)some outdoor event (picnic?) (very dark);croquet game;woman water skiing towards camera;man beating rug w/ stick, woman husking corn, woman throwing branch on brush pile, (3:40) man and woman on small boat, motorboat crosses in background;boat POV of moving coastline, sailboat, large barge-like craft;shot of two women in stern of boat, flag between them;more of odd barge, two older men talking to younger girl, girl is above and between men;woman in swim cap water skiing, going away from camera;woman water skis back toward camera, falls into water;another woman water skiing, wearing skirt and cap, woman in water w/ skis;(5:11) dressed up woman leaves house, starts pushing wheelbarrow;(5:20) small covered motorboat approaches, out of focus drinking glasses in foreground, boat docks, six or seven people get off, people come up dock toward camera;people working on small boat;(5:50) two men, one w/ hood, walk through woods w/ unlit torch (stick wrapped in rags);hooded man burning tree w/ torch (tent caterpillars?);(6:20) two women walk down garden path toward camera (6:34)boat POV, flag w/ red cross in foreground, boats in distance, ship, side view, pan from front to back, then back to front, head on shot of boat;(7:16) couple sitting on overturned dinghy on pier as seen through arched brick doorway;man throwing bait off pier;man throwing bait, couple on edges of shot, boat cart in between;young man and woman playing w/ black Labrador retriever;man pulling up fish w/ line;CU on fish;people on pier, two men sitting, two women standing, (7:50) boat arrives at dock, man sitting on tall pole, back to camera, people get off boat;walk toward camera;people milling around pier, man w/ small camera, girl w/ life jacket;people on boat, man smoking cigar, girl chewing gum;(9:27) three men sawing a log;(10:00) people arrive at house, walk toward camera;three woman, one girl in back of boat, girl sits behind three women;(10:15) family poses in front of rocky, foggy, coast;white lighthouse, foggy, family on rocky beach;surf pounding coast, man watching surf;more surf;(11:25) people leaving house w/ suitcases,(dark);(11:45) older woman walks toward camera w/ driftwood;(11:50) people putting luggage in black car w/ whitewall tires;woman in front of water w/ metal tube;woman getting in car;car leaving;(12:15) boy playing w/ dog (?) (very dark);man doing pottery (?), two men smoking, woman watches, dark;boy folds laundry;dressed up woman and man leave house, woman picks up can, gives it to man;older woman leaves house locks door;(14:00)people w/ baggage going out to boat;two men, one woman, man holding bottle in his mouth;man on pier framed by tree trunks;men shaking hands on pier;family in stern of boat, boat leaving;(14:40)family loading/unloading car (14:50) pan right-left of bay w/ lots of boats, city skyline in distance;(15:30) stucco house;woman gets out of car, man greets her, women walk up sidewalk towards camera w/ bags;man on stoop, green car in foreground;woman talking to man on stoop;women walk away from camera, wave, go indoors;(16;25) person getting in car on sidewalk;women walk up sidewalk toward camera;(16:40) woman gets out of black/dark blue car, man w/ suitcase closes door, follows her up stairs, toward camera, woman has corsage(?) on hand;(17;03) women standing around car, one wearing beret, woman and man leave house, man has suitcase;woman and man get in car;woman waves goodbye, man grins.
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