[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 46

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 46

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
Original Format:
400 ft
Viewing Notes:
NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 46: (overexposed) family on beach;man in bathing suit walks towards camera w/ hot water bottle;small boy in swim suit;girl in bathing cap holds hot water bottle then drops it;girl in sailor's hat leads two women and young woman towards camera, down path away from trellis porch;man follows;at float w/ stern of boat visible and stern flag;young woman and man (wearing bow tie) roll up canvas cover;woman w/ sunglasses and hat sitting in stern of boat w/ girl in sailor's hat;three young women (one w/ large white hat) walk in front of building toward camera;others join them as they walk down ramp on to float where open launch is tied up;(1:46) milling about on float;POV from boat w/ flag flapping into frame;young women walk back up ramp;girl w/ sailor's hat on boat;car w/ woman waving from window drives through frame;LS w/ pine in foreground and open launch in water in background;shirtless man lifts trunk from row boat;group of men carry row boat up into field w/ wildflowers;girl, boy and two women on boat;two cabins in background as man and woman walk towards each other and shake hands;LS man and girl walk up from field w/ two cabins;POV from boat of end of pier, sign above it reading 'Wapello;man and boy in suits disembark from boat and walk w/ women and girl;open launch at float;captain on float in white captain's hat;family arranges things from float to boat;captain and boy in boat, boy raises mask to face;girl w/ sailor's hat poses w/ hands on hips and makes funny face;boy carrying large cardboard box on his shoulder walks down grass path w/ girl and boy;woman holds hand of little boy as he walks down steps of house;toddler girl follows;boy in costume w/ beard and red balloon as nose (4:44) walks in circle holding lantern;little girl dressed similarly (clowns?) wears blue winter hat and blue balloon as nose;boy and girl carrying buckets wave to camera;(overexposure 5:48-7:20) girl and boy play tennis;boy takes a nice slice at the ball;(7:20) boy on roof at window, closes shutters;girl w/ luggage and boy w/ luggage on cart walking down grass path;woman w/ dried flower arrangement and boy at helm of open launch;pan to man and girl;POV from boat of pier, float w/ boats (8:31) pan of bridge over river;boat landing, captain helps unload;CU boy's face and model sailboat;two boys in driveway;boy and girl dressed for school in front yard w/ books;(9:44) LS flags and group of people gathered on lawn in folding chairs (some kind of ceremony) w/ man at lectern;statue of two girls facing one another;(11:52) girl dressed as witch w/ mask, skulking about gets in and out of car;boy hobbling around like an old man, has mask on;kids w/ jack-o-lanterns;girl in girl scout uniform salutes flag;(13:42) car pulling two kids on double toboggan;girl w/ snowman;three kids crouched down in roller skating train;boy on skates w/ Irish setter;two girls skate toward camera;(15:00) boy in lawn on cross-country skis;skis away from camera and down street;kids on sled come after;crowded outdoor skating rink;girl learning to skate;girl and boy on roller skates help dad take garbage can to curb;car drives in driveway pulling kids on skates;boy skates backwards and crosses over.
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