[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 29

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 29

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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300 ft
Can Description:
29. Feb 26 [1934], San on sled, Rob and Tom, snow house, Mar 11 [1934], Tom, San and Nancy Goertz coasting, Apr 1, Easter, Apr 24, Susanne, Apr 26, our 15th anniversary ride, Apr 30, San [birthday] flowers, May 6, San swinging, May 13, Mother's Day, May 19, Tom as Jim the Horse, May 30, fleet, June 6, Children's Day, June 16, visit to the fleet.
Viewing Notes:
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 29:18:01. Students running on grounds before a school. One boy falls down. Boy clad in snowsuit and buddy wearing coat and hat and shorts hall infant along on sled with seat for infant. They traverse ground where there are bare sections of ground. Car goes down road. Boy and buddy haul infant on sled over bare spot. Facing infant, they walk backwards. Garage exterior with very high snowbank. Boys playing atop snowbank. 19:10. Girl and boy stand on porch of home with infant girl between them. Two women emerge from home. Man, boy on sled together descend hill. On repeating the action, a second boy joins these two. Quick shot man holding young boy. Man helps boy onto sled. 20:06. Man hauls boy up hill as older boy follows them. Man and two boys descend hill aboard sled. Man helps boys off of sled. Boy descending hill almost crashes his sled into the one belonging to man. Horse draws sleigh over snow. Driver, passengers ensconced in sleigh. Boy, girl in doorway of home. Both have Easter baskets. Woman looks on as boy holds basket aloft. Little girl holds her basket and item in other hand aloft. Boy waves. 21:04. Boy and girl enter home. Little girl, dressed in Easter finery, emerges from home. Woman follows. Boy is on porch in his Easter clothes. Boy steps from front steps to top of bulkhead cellar doors. Repeats process. Infant girl in doorway of home. She descends front steps. Her hair arrangement gives her Shirley Temple aspect. 22:03. She looks back, smiles. Boy and girl on tricycles on sidewalk near garage. Boy pedals around as girl watches. Girl pushes tricycle forward using leg pressure on ground. Open car, coup'e backing out of garage. Man drives car, stops it, dismounts. 23:03. He examines canvas hood attached in back. Other man approaches. Together, they raise hood and secure it to front window. Two boys near gym set. One is doing gymnastics on the top bar. Woman gets into coup'e car. Group of children assembled. They smile. One waves. Cars parked in yard before home. 24:00. Right-track shot gives the illusion of the cars being in motion. We take pov. ride in one of the cars. Scenery, buildings pass before our eyes. Ocean surface. Could be pov. boat ride. Ocean pan. moves very fast. Trees move by. We're still in car. Front car exterior viewed through windshield. We go past bare trees, houses. The steering wheel. Exterior of elegant hotel called the 'Cochran House'. Chaffeurs, uniformed personell enter canopied front door. 25:02. Clock on upper exterior of 'Mutual Grocery Company'. Man walks down sidewalk. Woman walks down sidewalk. Bridge. Snow, ice over river. Bars of bridge railing. Pov. car ride across bridge. Long, slim waterfall intersecting foliage, trees of land. Car parked at side of road. 26:00. 26:00. Pov. car ride down highway. Small statue attached to front of car. Buildings, houses at side of road. Steering wheel, bare trees as viewed through windshield. Highway stretches before us on our pov. car ride. Rocky mountain side, moderately foliage. Three men by car;one about eight, other teenager, and man in early twenties. Boy closes door of car. Toddler draws pull toy down sidewalk. Pegs of various heights protrude on pull toy. 27:02. Toddler sits on brick step. Bouquet of flowers in pot rests beside of her. She smells, touches flowers. Toddler on swing. Boy gives her a push. She swings. 28:01. She slows down. She looks off to right side. Toddler wheels doll carriage down sidewalk. Smiling, she wheels carriage onto grass. She rolls carriage back to sidewalk. She returns to grass. 29:06. She pauses for a moment, a carnation in the lapel of her coat. Back on the sidewalk, she gazes upward. Back to grass for a few seconds. Tipping carriage back on front wheels, she pushes it around on sidewalk. 30:04. Shot of doll, plush toy in carriage. Group of children. Some are in costume. Some are standing. Others crouched down. Boy in devil suit rolls on grass. Girl in oriental costume rocks doll in arms. 31:00. Boy in conventional dress wafts arms back and forth. Boy dressed as rabbit hops around, acts like bunny. Harbor large city. Ocean liner at side of harbor. Shoreline buildings, trees. Head of blonde-haired boy appears in foreground. 32:04. View of low building which juts out into harbor. Adjacent, many-windowed building. Couple, toddler, boy of seven or eight. Group smiles. Man walks away. Woman joins the three. 33:02. Toddler takes something from hand of newly-arrived woman. Fast, left-tracking pan. of park area adjacent to river. Trees, people sitting on park benches. People walking on bridge. This could be pov. ride in car. We continue traveling leftward. People leaning on bridge rail peer outward. Tree grove near river. Boats, building, slatted, protective fence adjacent to river, landing area. CU toddler. Man places her on lap. Large boat, ocean liner or tanker which has 'Texas' painted on side. 34:00. Two sailors standing on deck of this ship. Sailors huddles on deck. Woman walks along. Deck with its assorted gear and lifeboats. Man holds toddler in arms. Boy at man's side. Cables, mast, flag, essential appurtances of large ship. Shot tracks downward. Boy leans on deck railing. 35:00. Sailor semaphoring or signaling with two flags. Slender ropes of ship visible. Semaphoring continues. Passengers on deck, sailors. Turret, mast of ocean liner. Woman with toddler in arms. Other passengers, sailors look on.
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