[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 2

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 2

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
1927 – 1928
Original Format:
400 ft
Can Description:
2. Mar 4th--Tom standing, new Buick, anniversary, Island Agaro, first steps, family, bathing groups. Sept 29, 1928.
Viewing Notes:
NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 2, 6/1/99: (15:09) Man playing with crawling infant. Infant says a few words. Smiles as he crawls forward. (16:18) Man with cigarette in mouth carefully pushes infant in carriage down steps. Infant smiles as man pushes carriage along path. Two women walk down sidewalk. (17:19) Garage exterior. Trellises at side. Car emerges from garage as man and woman with infant descend steps of home and enter car. (18:28) Infant kneels on front porch. Infant crawls. Woman crouches at back of chair. She gives infant small ball. Woman watches as infant rises by means of grasping chair. Infant sits back down. Rises by grasping chair. Sits back down. Infant grasps plush rabbit on porch. Places rabbit in chair. Sits in chair while holding rabbit. (19:33) Man and woman having picnic in field. Man sits on ground. He is making notes with pencil on pad on lap. He holds notes and manuscript envelope aloft. Continues chewing. (20:48) Man runs around yard with infant astride neck, shoulders. Infant smiles. (21:04) Shots with infant (now a toddler) in playpen and highchair outside. (23:48) Trees of shoreline. Pleasure craft. Crew on deck. (24:16) Porch of home. Toddler is in carriage. Man carefully pushes carriage down steps. Pushes toddler down path. Man has cigarette in mouth. (24:47) Grove copious trees. Passengers in horse-drawn vehicle. Two women emerge from home. Both smile. One descends steps. Toddler on porch floor. He is playing with shoes lying thereon. Man, woman walking down woodland path. (25:18) Man holds toddler's hands as toddler walks on porch. Toddler smiles as man holds him by one arm. Toddler breaks into a rapid crawl. (25:43) Man, woman, toddler in carriage. They are on wharf. Man removes toddler from carriage. Man is smoking pipe. Man holds toddler in arms while standing in pleasure boat. Woman helps other woman into craft. (26:51) Toddler on porch rests head in wicker chair. Crawls rapidly on porch. Woman picks him up and jostles or dandles him back and forth in her arms. (27:18) Man pushes toddler in carriage down path of home. Toddler walks on porch. Toddler reaches at item man holds in his mouth. Two women walk down wooden pathway. (28:30) Small group gathered on wharf. Man places suitcase on wharf. Man on wharf assists him to rise from boat. Toddler awaits him on wharf. He crouches down, talks to toddler. (29:27) Shots with elderly man smoking pipe on porch, interacting with toddler and other adults. (30:28) Railing of wharf with bench beneath. People waiting on wharf. Man holding toddler on shoulder. Pleasure craft with its name atop,'Winter Harbor'. (31:09) Two men pushes laden wheelbarrow down path. (31:29) Woman clad for bathing holds toddler in her arms as she descends path. Man, two women, also in bathing suits follow behind. Toddler walks along beach. Man, woman watch as toddler examines item in sand. Elderly man watches. Woman holds pail as toddler digs in sand with toy shovel. (End Reel 2)
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Winter Harbor, Maine
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