[Estella Doughty–home movies] Reel 6

[Estella Doughty--home movies] Reel 7


Doughty, Estella Collection
Original Format:
8mm film
50 ft
Anecdotal Comments:
Notes from viewing with family (mostly Julia Raven, with some input from Mark and Dee);My brother Harold (Teedie) and Harold Jr., we called him Bud;That's my brother and his family. His wife Harriet and the kids - Carmen, Bud, & Susan;Aunt Julia going to pick strawberries;June pushing Shawn in the swing and there is Jean;I think they are at the park in Belfast;Picnic at our farm in Freedom
Can Description:
Box notes: 'Teedie's Family, Julia's, cookout at Joe's
Viewing Notes:
A woman (Harriet) taking meat off a grill and setting food up on a picnic table. A man (Harold) comes out of the front door of a house dressed in a uniform for work and carrying a lunchbox. He gets into a car and drives away. Cut back to the house. Harriet goes inside with a young girl. A boy (Bud) in a baseball uniform stays outside and poses for the camera. Pan across a lake. Two kids running on the lake shore. Cut to a family posing for the camera (Harold, his wife Harriet, and his kids Bud, Carmen, and Susan). A lot of kids swimming and playing in the lake. Kids jump off a raft into the water. Cut to a woman (Julia Bryant) in her front yard trying to get away from the camera. She gets some berry baskets and heads out to pick strawberries. Cut to a long shot of deer in a field (hard to see the deer). A woman (June) at a playground taking pictures of kids on the swings. A woman (Jean) comes up behind her and tries to get the kid's attention. June pushing a small boy (Shawn) on the swings. Jean and two kids swinging. Cut to a city park (Belfast?), shot of boats on the water and cars pulling up. Cut to a shot of a house. Family in the yard having a cookout.
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