[Elizabeth Thompson Reed–home movies] Reel 9

[Elizabeth Thompson Reed--home movies] Reel 9


Sheila Denny-Brown Collection
Original Format:
350 ft
Summer 1930 1st Day at Ranch Victor, Idaho The Pass Annes first ride. Trap shooting Tricks with horse "Freckles" Last day at Ranch (Jackson Hole, Wy) Grand Canyon Puye, N. Mex No year marked
Can Description:
Jackson Hole - 1930 Grand Canyon?
Viewing Notes:
A railroad track. A woman and a girl by a car parked at an overlook, mountains in the background. A group of men leaning against the car. People looking at the mountains. Three people on horseback. Horses and cows in a paddock. People riding up a road. A young girl dismounting. People mounting up. A man lifts a horse’s leg. People on horseback. People seated outside. Fields and mountains. People on horseback. A man standing on a horse’s back before dropping down into the saddle. The same trick again. A woman seated on a fence while a girl chases a cat. A woman holding a camera. A woman climbs into the saddle, and then stands on the horses back. Two people on a horse, one standing. Two women on two horses, while a man climbs up to stand with one foot on each horse. Women standing on the backs of horses. A woman climbing onto a white horse, and sliding off the back. Men demonstrating mounting horses bareback. A man places a cat on a saddle. A woman tries to mount bareback several times but fails. Two women and a girl riding bareback. A log cabin, with mountains in the background. Horses in a paddock. Men seated on a fence. A log cabin and paddock. Mountains. Women exiting the log building. A cat. People walking outside. A woman playing with a cat and dog. Horses at a hitching post. Landscape filmed from a moving train. Railroad tracks. Rock formations. Mountains. The Grand Canyon. A man looking out over the canyon. Panning shots of the canyon. Landscape and buildings filmed from a moving vehicle. A woman holding a baby, selling wares at a roadside stand. Mountains. Men outside of cliff dwellings. A small church. A town square. Adobe houses. Landscape filmed from a moving vehicle. People getting into a bus. The town seen through a window. [End of Reel]
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Victor, Idaho, USA; Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA; Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA; Puye Cliff Dwellings, New Mexico, USA
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