[Elizabeth Thompson Reed–home movies] Reel 3

[Elizabeth Thompson Reed--home movies] Reel 3


Sheila Denny-Brown Collection
1935 – 1937
Original Format:
400 ft
Can Description:
1935 Watch Hill Marinda christening Bliss + Sara W. Bliss's friends Marinda + canary Bermuda 1936? Bliss + Sara Watch Hill Marinda Nanna Grandmother Reed Father. Ruth + Hazard G. at Bishop St.
Viewing Notes:
[Film tinted magenta] A group of men and a group of women seated outside. The shot switches back and forth between the two groups. A priest/minister. A crowd of adults and children. A woman holding a baby. (Christening) Shot of an American flag. Shots of women walking in a garden. A large white house on the coast. Two women seated outdoors; one smokes, the other reads a magazine. Other people outdoors. A woman walks on all fours. Two women walking past the flag. Close ups of a baby. Shots of the garden. An older man and woman seated outside. Shots of trees and the sky. A woman waves batons. Two women playing. An older woman waving at the camera. A woman holding a baby. Shot of a tree lined street. A woman with a baby. The baby next to a bird in a cage. A group of women outdoors, posing for the camera. Women holding a baby. A woman holding the baby. Panning shot of a yard with palm trees and water beyond. A woman playing in the water. A woman on the beach. Shots of islands. People and dogs outside a white building. A dirt road. Buildings along the water. Women by the water. Shots of buildings. A ship and boats on the water. People playing with dogs. Three women pose for the camera. A Yale football game. Two large ships on the water. Dark shot of a girl holding a baby. A woman pushing a baby in a stroller. Cars on a street. A group of people seated outside. Children seated on the grass in a garden. An older woman seated outside. A baby in a stroller. The baby crawling in the grass. An older woman reading outdoors. A woman with a parasol. People walking past the camera. Small buildings (a hotel?). Trees. A baby in a stroller. [End of Reel]
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Watch Hill, Rhode Island; Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut; Bermuda
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