Boats and outdoor family scenes, 1957-1963–Joanne Swift–home movies. Reel 6

Boats and outdoor family scenes, 1957-1963--Joanne Swift--home movies. Reel 6


Swift, Joanne Collection
1957 - 1963
Original Format:
150 ft.
Viewing Notes:
Two people in a canoe by a docked boat. Women with dog on the pier. Shot of a road. Another road. Trees, landscape, pan through trees. Road sign for Maine Rt.1/3. Snow in the road. Girls lined up in yard (teenage or middle school) They make a pyramid. Bird in yard. Squirrel. Chipmunk in yard. Quick shot of people in lawn chairs. Shots of a sailboat. going by. People in a motorboat. Pan across water and harbor. Boats in harbor. People on a red carriage (no horse) Kids sitting on a pile of sand (sign reads 1957 on front with boat…maybe a sculpture.) Cars drive by in background. In carriage with 1857 on back, not moving. Quick dark shot of wedding [Sue's wedding?], people going in church. Day shot of harbor. Men and women on the dock. Shot of boat coming towards camera. Shot of a moving boat taken from a boat moving along beside it. Pan across parked boats. Jo with headscarf hiking on shore with staff used as a crutch. People in boat parked looking in the water. Shot of boat from shore. Dark shot of another boat. People lazing on shore in front of a cabin. At Rubye and Don's house. Jo and Sue with their Dad. Shot of a steamship. Footage taken from a boat, water, lighthouse, another boat, out of focus pan of sailboats, more sailboats and boats go by. Driver of motorboat. Front of house. Flowers in front of house. Don comes out of house.

Castine, ME, USA;Stockton Springs, ME, USA;Portland, ME, USA
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