[Annie Wood Nowell–home movies] Reel 9

[Annie Wood Nowell--home movies] Reel 9


Nowell-Clark Collection
1927 – 1929
Original Format:
400 ft
Can Description:
Notes from can: 3A. Burr House & Circus; Win. '27, Dux. '27; Burr House; Coffins; Garfields; Masquerade; N's Hair cut. 6 yrs.; Jumble Gym [?]; Swims; Shown at Dux. party '44; Stop copy at Garfields birthday.
Viewing Notes:
Intertitles: '58416', 'WINCHESTER, SPRING 1927 NANCY 1 YR. 9 MOS. OLD'. A toddler (Nancy) playing indoors. Nancy playing in the garden. Two girls walking outdoors. Nancy in the garden. Intertitle: 'The house we rented.' Two girls (Katharine and Helen) and Nancy in the yard. Camera trick makes Nancy disappear, then her shoes appear, then her socks, then her dress, then she is back in the frame. Intertitle: 'Dress Parade.' Katharine walking towards the camera in a dress. Katharine in a swimsuit. Katharine in a robe. Katharine in dresses. Cut to shots of Katharine diving and swimming, played forward and in reverse. Cut to Nancy standing on a chair. Intertitle: 'Ruth, Barbara and “Dody” Coffin.' A group of girls pose for the camera. Intertitle: 'Pandora’s box.' Girls playing with a large box. Edited so a different girl appears each time they open the box. Dogs jump out of the box. Nancy climbs out of the box. Nancy and a dog on the porch. Intertitle: 'Ruth, Anne, and Lally.' Girls diving off the dock. Some shots of dives repeated. Shot of a house. Nancy by a window. Shot of the shoreline. Intertitle: 'BETTY ANNE GARFIELD’S SECOND BIRTHDAY'. Children playing outside. Nancy and a boy on the beach. Intertitle: '“BEN AND HUR” THE GARFIELDS GET FIRST AS MOST ORIGINAL'. A man and a woman in costume with paper chariots. They mime whipping horses. Shot of the two people walking with their fake chariots. Intertitle: 'THE SOULES'. Two people in costume, one dressed as a donkey. Intertitle: 'COSTUMES FOR CIRCUS MASQUERADE', 'KAY WINS 1ST PRIZE FOR THE PRETTIEST'. Katharine in costume. Katharine and Helen in costume. Nancy getting a haircut. Intertitle: 'Betty Ann’s 3rd birthday, 1929.' A group of children seated outside with a cat. Intertitle: 'Nancy likes her 6th birthday gift, the “Jumble Gym” and she learns to swim this summer.' Nancy playing on the playground. Girls swimming. Nancy and another girl in a field of flowers. [End of Reel]
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Duxbury, Massachusetts
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