[Annie Wood Nowell–home movies] Reel 11

[Annie Wood Nowell--home movies] Reel 11


Nowell-Clark Collection
1927 – 1928
Original Format:
400 ft
Can Description:
Notes from can: 5A. Tedious. N. '27 & '28; All Nancy. Win. '27, Duxbury '27 & '28; N. at Carpenter House, 1 yr. 9 mos.; N. playing in snow. 16 Stratford. At Burr House.; N. playing with doll. 2 yrs.; N. turning somersaults. 2 yrs.; N. meets Robin Garfield. 2 yrs.; N. 1st experience with ocean. 2 yrs.; N. at our house, '28. Pd. Pt.; N. in yard & in green room porch. Continued on reel 6A.
Viewing Notes:
Intertitle: 'Nancy at the Carpenter’s house.' A toddler (Nancy) playing outdoors. Intertitle: 'Nancy likes a snow-storm.' Nancy playing in the snow. Cut to Nancy playing in the garden. Intertitle: 'Duxbury. 1927 Nancy meets “Robin” Garfield.' Intertitle: 'Summer of 1927, Duxbury. Robin, 3 yrs. old meets Nancy Nowell, 2 yrs. old.' Nancy and a boy (Robin) on the beach. Robin, Nancy, a girl and a dog sitting on the sand. Robin and Nancy kiss. The children playing. Three girls (Katharine, Helen and Nancy) sitting on the steps. Close up of Nancy. Nancy playing outside. Intertitle: 'Nancy with her pets.' Nancy playing outside with stuffed animals. Film edited so a stuffed cat moves between frames. Nancy on the porch with a dog. Nancy playing outside. Nancy playing with a doll. Intertitle: 'Her first experience with the ocean.' Nancy playing in the water. Nancy sitting on the beach with Katharine. Intertitle: 'Nancy has seen big girls do somersaults.' Nancy doing somersaults. Intertitle: 'She discovers how to get dizzy.' Nancy spinning on the grass. Cut to Nancy standing in the snow. Someone hands her a cat. Nancy playing in the snow with the cat. Cut to a child standing in the gardens. Nancy climbing on rocks. Upside down shot of an old man and a child on the steps. The old man and the child right side up. Nancy climbing a trellis. A child standing in front of the water. Nancy sitting by the window. Nancy by the shore. [End of Reel]
Winchester, Massachusetts; Duxbury, Massachusetts
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