[Anna B. Harris–home movies] Reel 7


Harris, Anna B. Collection
Original Format:
8mm film
Can Description:
Reel 7 box notes: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. Dr. J.G. Davidson, Skyline Drive atop Equinox Mountain, 1949. By N.L. date code 1949. [Ford truck "Davidson's Smart Idea," about J.G. Davidson's road, 1949 Ford ad, http://ebay.to/1JBFQS4]
Viewing Notes:
In garden, three white women in suits. Woman with dog and small boy on grass. Small boy avoids woman's hand, camera swings between dog and child. Child walks on lawn, stops, looks doubtful. Woman wears dungarees. Child near driveway or dirt road, scoots down to road, then climbs. Pan of Equinox Mtn. and road, then along lookout with chairs.;Man with red (Ford) truck, puts papers in it. [Dr. Davidson in red hat.] Landscape pan, leaves starting to change. House with one chimney, small windows under roof., this is Bliss House. Pan of hillside, house and trees. [This is not Bliss House.] A third house with red roof, awnings and dormers. [Pray Estate, owned by Charles H. Pray.] A football game with people in bleachers, Burr and Burton Seminary. Young woman in foreground in red jacket.
Manchester, Vermont
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