Africa Trip #2, circa 1959–Lillian Edwards–home movies. Reel 2

Africa Trip #2, circa 1959--Lillian Edwards--home movies. Reel 2


Edwards, Lillian Collection
circa 1959
Original Format:
400 ft.
Can Description:
Africa #2
Viewing Notes:
Various shots of parrots in trees. Shot of a palm tree-lined beach. People in a boat paddling away from the beach. A crowd of people throw buckets of water on a burning thatch structure. The structure continues to burn as people watch. Shot of a road with trucks parked along the side. Women carry baskets and basins on their heads. Men on bicycles carrying grass bundles. Road and trucks seen through the windshield of a vehicle. Buildings on stilts along the water, seen from the bow of a boat. A man in a canoe paddling past houses on stilts. A man uses a pole to move a boat full of grass bundles. Closer shots of houses on stilts. People watching from the houses. Multiple shots of a floating market (collection of canoes filled with goods.) People drawing water from a large well. Women washing clothes by the water. People in boats in the shallows. Goats near the water’s edge. People waving from the doorway of a house on stilts. Multiple shots of children waving. Wider shot of the houses. People in boats. Children pose in front of a house. Women paddle in dugout canoes. People in boats. Sunset over palm trees, filmed while moving down a road. People in a quarry. People push a cart along tracks. People working in the quarry. Butterflies on the ground. Children playing in the water. Women laying clothes to dry on the grass. People swimming. A boy rinses out a bucket. Goats run from an oncoming vehicle. Women at a market. Shots of stores and market stalls. One signs read: ‘Motiram – P.O. Box 1313 PROP: Motiram’, ‘Grand Bazaar – Tarachand Jasoomal’. Panning shots of storefronts. People on cliffs buy the ocean with ships in the distance. Closer shots of the same people. Cut to a ship on the ocean and many smaller boats. Shot of a sea wall (?). Men rowing a boat to shore. Shot of people gathered at the water’s edge and multiple beached boats. Panning shot of the beached boats. People pulling in fishing nets. Shot of large and small boats.
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