A Change of Scene, R2–Joan Thurber Baldwin–home movies. Reel 16

A Change of Scene, R2--Joan Thurber Baldwin--home movies. Reel 16


Joan Thurber Baldwin Collection
circa 1956
[900 ft.]
An Amateur stage play about a woman who goes to stay with her sister-in-law after an argument with her husband
Viewing Notes:
[Plot continued from Reel 15] A woman (Christine Von Erperom as Cecile) greets two guests, Mr. and Mrs. Barton. They talk about Cecile’s brother (Caroline’s husband) taking a new diplomatic position. Caroline (Joan Baldwin) arrives. Cut to Caroline and her friend Elizabeth (Edith Reveley) playing golf and talking about the party. Cecile arrives with a telegram for Caroline. The women leave. At home, Cecile and Caroline talk, and Cecile reads the telegram. Caroline tells Cecile about her separation from her husband. They argue. Caroline puts her wedding ring back on. Elizabeth talks to a woman looking for Cecile to tell her there is a phone call from Washington. (Where Caroline’s husband is a diplomat). Elizabeth drives off to find Caroline and tell her. Cecile talking to her brother on the telephone. A woman walks by, and Cecile switches from English to Norwegian, then back to English when she leaves. Elizabeth and Caroline drink together. Caroline writes a telegram to her husband. As she gets progressively more drunk, she writes five separate telegrams. Caroline leaves without sending a telegram. After she is gone, Elizabeth arranges for all five telegrams to be sent, 15 minutes apart. A hung-over Caroline drinks aspirin and talks to Elizabeth. Cecile arrives with a telegram from Caroline’s husband. She reads it aloud. Caroline makes plans to return home to Washington. An airplane flying overhead. A Western Union Telegram as a title card’; ‘The End, Stop.’ [End of Reel]
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Charleston, South Carolina
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