A Change of Scene, R1–Joan Thurber Baldwin–home movies. Reel 15

A Change of Scene, R1--Joan Thurber Baldwin--home movies. Reel 15


Joan Thurber Baldwin Collection
circa 1956

[900 ft.]
An Amateur stage play about a woman who goes to stay with her sister-in-law after an argument with her husband
Viewing Notes:
A Western Union Telegram used as a title card: ‘An Old Oak Production’, ‘A Change of Scene’, ‘with Joan Baldwin, Christine Von Erperom. Edith Reveley, William Neshamkin, Donald Bergland, Joan Whipple, Winifred Baldwin, Donald Baldwin, [obscured]’, Direction, Wardrobes, Hairstyles, Camera, Sound Control,’, ‘Script, Camera, Editing, Sound Continuity,’, ‘Cinematography, Sets, Script, Sound Direction, Film Continuity,’. A train station as a train arrives. A woman (Joan Baldwin, playing Caroline) disembarks the train. She narrates the films action. She meets her sister-in-law (Christine Von Erperom as Cecile) at the station. They drive to the country club (Yeaman's Hall Club, South Carolina). The two women talk. Caroline’s niece, Joanny brings over a chameleon. Caroline and Joanny drive a golf cart. They talk about Caroline’s husband and rabbits. Cecile drives up in the car to take Caroline to lunch at the country club. They talk about a friend of Caroline’s, Elizabeth Prescott. Elizabeth (Edith Reveley) answers a telephone call from Caroline. Caroline and Elizabeth meet at her home. They talk about their husbands. The women playing golf. Joanny showing a rabbit to Caroline, Cecile and Elizabeth. Joanny watches Caroline and Cecile play backgammon. Caroline and Joanny golfing. Caroline and Cecile in a garden. Close ups of various flowers. Other scenes of the women around the country club. Cecile and her husband Michael argue as he leaves for the airport. Caroline says goodbye to Michael. Caroline and Cecile talk as Caroline leaves for golfing. Elizabeth and Caroline golfing. They talk about Caroline separating from her husband. Caroline meets up with Cecile. Cecile chastises her for being late. [End of Reel]

Charleston, South Carolina
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