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[Annie Wood Nowell–home movies] Reel 6

Notes from can: 2B. Semi-good trips, etc. Mixed; Ben Block’s horses. Win. ’27; Maribel Vincent, World Champion before Sonja Henie, skates at Win. (M.L.’s play.); Picnic at Saquish [Saquish Beach is on Duxbury peninsula] with Phil Allens and Hamilton Gibbs. (author.); At Pecketts [?] with Snyders; Vermont flood; Poorer parts of Colorado. 1931. // Footage

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[Annie Wood Nowell–home movies] Reel 4

Notes from can: Discard. No. 2C. ’27, ’28, ’31 & ’40. Picnic backwards. 27 group in fur coats down from Win. white building. His girls H & N trying on hats at Win. at Bux. in Burr House & in our house. N. eating banana & (backwards) K & N on 16 Street [?] porch

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[Annie Wood Nowell–home movies] Reel 1

Notes from can: No. 15. // Film is warped. // 1926 date code on film. // Men walk outside factory with smokestack. People pose on what appears to be a college campus, walk toward house.

[Annie Wood Nowell–home movies] Reel 5

Notes from can: No. 1B. Semi-good family only. ’27 & ’28; N. in Teddy Bear suit with balloon; H. on bicycle, off for Wadleigh School; N. on porch in winter coat. Dancing to Victrola; K. in fur coat, home from Rosemary Hall; N & H. in tulips; N. sees ocean fr first time. ’27; N.

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Nowell-Clark Collection

The majority of Annie Wood Nowell’s films covered family and local historical events, although their range includes some trick photography as well as trips to Maine, New Hampshire, and a tuberculosis sanitarium in Colorado. Richard J. Clark continued the family tradition of documenting family holidays, vacations, and events with his films.