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[Annie Wood Nowell–home movies] Reel 2

Notes from can: Duplicate film. 1927. This film was made for family use because in 1927 they were so uncertain about the life of films which were in use. AWN. Films have been shifted around since this was made so this is spread through different reels. Leader notes: Duplicate. Some parts are the original? //

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[Annie Wood Nowell–home movie transfer with narration]

VHS copy of 17 reels donated with film, stored in vault. // Videotape has narration. // VHS video notes: 1928 – Powder Point house renovations, Duxbury, MA. 1927 – Nancy 1 year – Kay swimming – trick photography – Duxbury, MA 1929 – Nowells and Carpenters in Colorado Springs 1932 – Kay’s Vassar College graduation

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[Annie Wood Nowell–home movies] Reel 3

Notes from can: No. 1C. Discards from 1-8. Leader notes: Discard 1. Win ’27. K & N dark. N. eating. banana (backwards). H trip. Paper hats on N. Win & T. at Burr house. Picnic group. H’s girls go to see Pd. Pt. house — building.

[Annie Wood Nowell–home movies] Reel 18

Label on can: ‘Duxbury 1941, Thanksgiving 1941’ // b&w title card at head // very sharp Kodachrome color outdoor footage // gardens, beach scenes // b&w baby footage – has 1940 date code, rest of reel is 1941 date code // b&w footage of puppy playing // baby // Thanksgiving 1941 title card.