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[Fran Mitchell — home movies] Reel 10

// 1961 edge code on film. // Puppy frolics. Sunset. Girls pose in swimsuits, lake in background. Swim meet, race begins. German Shepherd dog jumping through 2 foot snow drifts.

[Fran Mitchell — home movies] Reel 4

// 1960 edge code on film. // Girls swimming at lake/pond. Out of focus shots of birds. // Note: Camp Natarswi is located about 18 miles north of Millinocket, on Lower Togue Pond, at the southern entrance to Baxter State Park.

Mitchell, Fran Collection

The collection consists of 750 feet of silent, color, 8 mm film from the 1960’s. The films were shot in Maine and consist of home movies, including footage of a Memorial Day parade, harness racing and construction of a lumber mill smokestack. Also included are scenes of Camp Natarswi, in Millinocket, and a speech given

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