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[Belfast Movie Queen footage] Reel 2

Label on can “Fire Dept. Steamer, Boston Boat, Steamer Belfast, Pygmy Circus,-Parade & Show, Belfast Dam Bursts” Color footage of fire department steam engine and hose demonstration. Men working on engine and feeding fire in firebox. Many standing around watching, one blowing the engine whistle. Policeman walks down road near steam engine demonstration site (looks

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Guatemala, 1932

Title, ‘Costa Rica, Billy the Ant Eater.’ Woman’s legs and small animal on ground. Title, ‘Nicaragua, Where More U.S. Marines were ruined by Boredom like this than were killed by Sandino.’ Ox cart. Bird. Title, ‘Landing’ on the west coast of Central American is an airy processing. San Jose, Guatemala.’ Freight hammock. Street (Pearson?), taxis.

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Nice, Algiers, Paris. Reel 2.

Title, ‘Florence–Eastertime Procession of the Holy Light.’ Parade. ‘Easter Monday Procession Signa (near Florence).’ // Date from edge code. // Men with banners. ‘Paris in the Rain and Home.’ Views of monuments and ‘Opera Ships’. Statue of Liberty. Manhattan from water. Tugboats.

Asiatic Potters, India 1938-1939

Titled amateur film: ‘Asiatic Potters India 1938-39.’ ‘Our first Hindu Potter…’ etc. Amritsar. ‘Miss Paddock, judging the workmanship of the ware.’ Good CUs. // Original footage is approximately 400 feet of 16mm film. Film donated to Human Studies Film Archives in exchange for 3/4 inch video master. Transfer done at 18 fps. // 3/4 inch

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