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Steputis, Gladys Collection

Collection contains [Steputis–home movies], including 44 reels of silent, black and white and color 8 mm film, totaling approximately 2090 ft. The films primarily consist of scenes of family winter and summer activities primarily in Maine and Canada. Footage shows hikes and picnics, skiing and swimming, toboggans, family cars and pets, holiday celebrations, University of

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The Christmas Story

Images of Christmas lights at night, a group of baton-twirlers in the street, postal carriers, kids walking down the street, etc. Exact date of production unknown.

Christmas Tree

Filmed in extreme close-up, the lit-up pine needles of a Christmas tree are abstracted into forms of line and contrast. “Christmas Tree” then moves around the living room to focus on JoAnn Elam stringing popcorn, a playful dog, a tapestry on the wall, and a curly-haired man playing guitar. The date and location of production

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Peggy – 7/4/77

Filmed during the Fourth of July, 1977, “Peggy – 7/4/77” depicts a group of friends gathered to barbecue and watch fireworks from a Chicago apartment rooftop. Through several series of rapid shots, the camera captures the sunlight view from the apartment, people eating and drinking, an L train driving by, the sunset, plants in the

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Christmas Lights

Christmas lights blink and move against the dark black background of night. This footage is identical to, and may be the original for, the second half of JoAnn Elam’s full film ” The Christmas Story ” (F.2011-01-0132). When used in the latter film, the footage is slightly resized.

Christmas Street

A Christmas parade in downtown Chicago is intercut with mail carriers on their routes, suggesting their role in delivering gifts during the holiday. This footage is identical to, and may be the original for, the first half of JoAnn Elam’s full film ” The Christmas Story ” (F.2011-01-0132).


“Jack-O-Lanterns” weaves forward and backward, rendering a pair of jack-o-lanterns in a milieu of grainy visual noise from a variety of perspectives-at times obscuring the re-utilized pumpkins.