[Zelma Williams — home movies] Tape 1

[Zelma Williams -- home movies] Tape 1


Williams, Zelma Collection
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Can Description:
Aug;84 Vacation - Gulf Hagus;84 Kids at Watr Slide;84 Kid at lake;Mary Popins
Viewing Notes:
A man (Dave) changing a flat tire. Deer tracks in the mud. A car driving down a road, filmed through the windshield, with the radio playing. A stone structure. (Remains of a kiln at the Katahdin Iron Works) A sign: ‘THE COMMUNITY AT ITS HEIGHT’. Sign: ‘THE OPERATION OF THE IRONWORKS’. Close up of the map on one of the signs. Looking up through the kiln’s chimney. Other shots of the kiln. A house and cars in a field. Landscape filmed from a moving vehicle. Dirt road filmed through the car windshield. Panning shot of campsite. A child narrates while adults set up a tent. People along the river. At the campsite. Walking through the trees. People in the tent. People at the river. Hiking in the woods. A pond in the woods. Hiking. The girl at a stream. Signs for the Appalachian Trail and the Gulf Hagas Trail. A stream. A plaque for Gulf Hagas. Shots of the forest. Bear tracks. A campfire in the dark. Shots of the campsite. Driving down a flooded dirt road. A field, car radio plays in the background. Unloading the car after the camping trip. Driving in a car. Children at a water park. A radio playing in the background discusses global politics, including the swearing in of a new president of Iran. Children going down water slides. Children riding go-carts around a track. Children in a maze/playground. Two girls on some sort of scooter. Children playing on various playground equipment. Children in a ball pit. Children on bicycle/scooters. Children in a bounce house. Children eating ice cream. Sunset by a lake. Children eating ice cream on the dock. A girl sleeping on a pull-out couch. A back yard. A person in bed. Dogs. A cat. Cats in the back yard. A horse. A kitten. Dogs walking out of a barn. A girl and the horse. Two men beside a parked car. A dog by a car. The horse in a field. A house by a lake. The person holding the camera feeds the horse an apple. A flower garden. A lake. Dogs running up the hill. Dogs playing fetch at the lake. Two girls swimming. A dog (black lab) swimming. Girls playing in the water. A dog (yellow lab) playing in the dirt. A girl swimming out to a raft. Shots of the dogs, house and yard. A cat by the lake. Shots of the lake. [End of Reel]
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Katahdin Iron Works, Brownville, Maine, USA;Gulf Hagas Trail, Maine, USA
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