[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 63

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 63

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
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300 ft
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NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 63:Woman walks in yard. She carries coat over arm. Sign hanging from building in back states: 'Red Rose Inn'. Younger woman emerges from inn. She carries purse over shoulder. Man, woman by 'Red Rose Inn' sign attached to tree. 34:02. Exterior of white-columned 'Park Motel'. Woman, suitcase in hand, walks over to car. Man takes suitcase and places it in trunk of car. Exterior of 'Park Motel'. Man places luggage in car trunk. Restaurant. 'Borden's Ice Cream' sign at side. Bold, black letters over windows state: 'Fried Chicken', opposite window states: 'Sizzling Steaks'. Small business: 'Nanny's Shanty'. Car backs out of area. Sign by side of road: '1607-09. Belt Line.' Woman on landing of exterior stairs. She rings doorbell by screen door. Man by car. Woman descends exterior staircase. 35:05. Exterior of home. Black shutters on window exteriors. Woman walking along carrying tablet. She smiles. Removes her glasses. Car going down street. Shadowy shot. Two cars parked outside of motel. Sign says that this is: 'Forest Motor Court'. Pan. of motel units. Trees, foliage in area. Cars parked in area. This is a many-unit motel. Pan. moves to right. Some windows raised. 36:01. Neatly-dressed woman exits from motel unit. She smiles, approaches car. Soldier, man descend exterior staircase of brick building. Side by side, they walk along. Pov. car ride in residential area. Mansions. Well-kept trees. Cars parked in yards. Trees. Flower gardens. Church. Cars parked in yard. Stained glass windows of church. This is the 'Shandon Methodist Church.' Soldier, woman walking together. Older woman wearing corsage. Columned, official-looking building with cupola. 37:00. Trees nearby. Might be courthouse. Two couples walk side by side on sidewalk. We are at military base: 'Headquarters. Fort Jackson. South Carolina.' Administrative buildings. American flag aloft at top of pole. Barracks. People walking on barrack grounds. Buildings of barrack area. Training area. Large wooden structure, not building for exercising, training. Quick pov. car ride in this area. We see more training facilities. Wooden frames used perhaps for combat, shooting discipline. 38:01. Large, long tents. Field. Wooden structures, not buildings. We move to left. Man, woman. Soldier carries woman in his arms. Sandbags piled high. Pan. of extensive sandbags. Trees. Stockade-like fence. Left-tracking pan. of area with surrounding trees. Area lake. Tall field grass. Trees. Man at steering wheel of car. We take pov. car ride. Palmetto trees in area. We go by 'Bus Stop' sign. Trees. Multidirectional highway sign. 39:03. Marble-columned building. (Cataloguer suggests that this might be statehouse.) Woman walks down sidewalk. Palmetto trees. Cars parked on street. Woman enters car. Says brief word to woman in front seat. Cypress or Spanish moss trees with their hanging, solemn foliage. Man, woman by pool. Pink flowers bloom on bank. Three women on path between beautiful flowering trees. Bevined trees reflected in pool surface. Vines hang down from trees rather than climbing upward. Man, women on path in area. 40:05. Left-tracking pan. of area. We see flowered trees, cypress trees, exotic foliage. Pan. travels to right. Bridge over pool. Sign stating: 'Magnolia Gardens. Now Open.' Couple emerge from motel unit. Woman smokes cigarette. Man takes coat which she is carrying. Younger stands on motel pathway near trees. Neon sign: 'Cardinal Restaurant'. Billboard: 'Charlotte Warehouse'. Man, woman walk amongst trees. Long, balconied building. 41:00. Columns look to be of brick. Old time plantation or military housing. Building with small-squared fanlight windows. People ascending and descending steps of this building. Extensive, open balcony. Woman ducks head to enter low-topped doorway. Exterior of this building. Man walks by. Pan. reveals door, window of this brick building. Man, woman walk past car. CU of two. 42:06. Woman opens door of home for other woman who brings forth American flag. Ladies descend steps. One woman clears space on lawn so that flag pole can be inserted in ground. Flag blows in wind as woman inserts pole. The women walk away. Woman walking up path leading to home. At door, she retrieves sheathed garment on hanger as other people emerge from home. Car trunk is opened. Man places luggage in trunk. Woman shakes hands with man. Man, other woman kiss. 43:02. Next shot is shadowy. Hard to discern action. Seems to be man lifting sawed tree trunk. (Photography is now normal.) Man in business suit outside of garage. Younger man smiles. Woman opens car door. Younger man backs car out. Older couple kiss. Christian mission house in Newark, N.J. 'Goodwill Home & Rescue Mission. 28-44 Eagles St., Newark, N.J.' This is sign on truck, rather than the quarters! Three men lift kitchen stove from garage into back of mission truck. 44:12. Two drivers close door of truck. Older man pushes one of the driver's hats down over head in spirit of masculine horseplay! Two women kissing on sidewalk. Woman walks past into adjacent building. Ladies kiss again. Woman walks down sidewalk. Other woman kisses her as older man looks on. Man hugs younger woman. CU older woman as she smiles, speaks a few words. Younger woman admires older woman's corsage. Touches it gently. Woman carrying notebook shakes hands with older man as other woman looks on. Two men shake hands. Couple walk behind them. Man shakes hand with the male half of couple behind. Two women walk down sidewalk. Third woman approaches. She and woman on right shake hands. 45:03. Couple walk down sidewalk. Man shakes hands with other man. Woman hands other woman items which the former removes from car trunk. Woman walks forward carrying her hat. Several people walking down sidewalk. They walk in twos. Two women walk along. Woman on right gently touches flower her companion wears at throat of dress. Two women, older man on porch of home. Younger woman removes white, corsaged coat. She folds it over her arm. Descends steps. Family having picnic at outside table. Woman takes potato chip. Two men in party talking. A stream flows in area. Man, woman with coat flung over shoulders. 46:01. Four women sitting on bench. One woman has camera. The women seem to be singing. Family gathered as a group. Woman takes potato chip from bag. CU slice latticed pie. Man cuts pie while other people look on. Woman places various items in back seat of car. She closes door. She smiles, smells flowers of corsage. Vase of flowers resting on steps of home. Black carpet has been spread on steps. Woman emerges from home. Sits on top step. Opens envelope. 47:05. She holds envelope aloft. Man retrieves vase of flowers from steps and carries into house. Woman carrying bicycle. Family assembled by car. Chairs, various items are in yard. Appearance of moving. Woman playfully puts lampshade over other woman's head. Woman runs down steps of home. She and other woman embrace. Second woman places arm around first woman's shoulder. Exterior of building which appears to be a school or institute of higher learning. 48:03. Ladies admire copious foliage growing near building. Group of women walk along. Woman opens back door of car and places various items in. Woman walking in foliaged area. She carries flower she has picked between her fingers. CU woman, her rose neckerchief. Woman emerges from garage. She proudly displays jacket pocket. College emblem is imprinted on pocket. 'Skidmore College'. Two women outside of building. May be school referred to a few sentences back. 49:02. Suitcases in hand, woman walks down steps. CU this woman. She turns about. Man emerges from building. He shakes this woman's hand. Woman, man approach car. Man opens door. Woman gets in. (End Reel 63.)
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Fort Jackson, South Carolina;Newark, New Jersey;Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York
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