[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis–home movies] Reel 60

[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 60

Gertrude Jane Eustis Collection
Original Format:
375 ft
Viewing Notes:
NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 60. Coupe being backed out of garage. 36:04. Car is motored down driveway. Car stops at side of academic building. Cigarette in hand, man emerges from car and rests for a moment. Infant wrapped in baby blanket. Woman is holding infant at building exterior. Woman smiles. Man approaches. Woman extends infant to man's arms. 37:01. Shadowy shot. Appears to be woman by house. Car parked in yard. Bare trees. Large Victorian building. Turret on back. Exterior facade of building. Turret side of building. Turret with door, upper window. Pan. of building with its columned portico and porch. Trees surrounding building. Man trying to unlock car as older man and woman look on. 38:03. Man opens trunk of car. Woman laughing. Man standing over her smiles. Back of girl's head. Ribbon in hair. Football team enters field. Group of majorettes. Male cheer leaders enter field. One swings megaphone. Scarlet-uniformed marching band crosses field. Precision marching. Pauses on field. Band marches forward. Majorettes swing batons in unison. CU of spectator couple. Crowd disperses. 39:03. Couple, man approach car. Woman touches man as he attempts to unlock car. He hands man blanket. Bus goes down street. Trees, building. Bus motors by stopped bus. Woman, clad in fur coat,outside of home. She opens purse. She waves as she enters home. Christmas wreath on door of home. Large vase of poinsettias, cat by front door. Cat descends steps. Two couples, family group standing at foot of steps. 40:00. All are dressed in winter apparel. Man at right touches woman on head. Woman holding infant wrapped in blanket. Man touches infant's head. Infant smiles as man cradles head with hand. Two men on sidewalk. Man on right holds infant in arms. Woman arrives wheeling baby carriage. Infant in carriage, man wheels it away. Cat by porch, ribbon around neck. Cat looks around bewildered. Cat appears to have covering over lower extremities. Man carrying luggage. He enters garage. Places luggage in open trunk of car. He folds coat, places in trunk. Secures trunk. Walks forward. 41:45. Man holds pillow while standing in garage door. Family group stand by car. Three women, one man. 42:00. Group walks forward. Winter. Snow. Bare trees. Couple walking down path. Man, woman on path near car. Woman rests head on man's fur-collared shoulder. Man smiles. Group women sitting on park bench. One woman holds infant. Jestingly, woman throws snowball. Home exterior with its columned, porticoed porch. Snow piled ultrahigh in yard. Snow, yard. Car parked on street. Woman stands on porch. She waves. Newspaper in hand, she brushes snow from coat. Group men, all formally dressed. Look to be businessmen, administrators. Exterior shot. Men wear overcoats. Men wave. Ladies also in group. Man, boy walk down street in background. Truck goes down street. All wave. Ladies in group. One woman removes hat. Coats almost identical excepting two. 43:07. Good fun! Some of the women wear men's hats. Ladies in group crouched. Excellent snow sculpture in center of snow covered lower roof or porch overhang of home. Woman waves. She stands beside of block of sculptured snow size of small building! She peers upward at carving crowning this giant block. Car backs out of garage. Non-winter now. License plate. Man removes license plate. He now installs new plate. 44:00. CU new plate. He examines plate to make sure of its stability. Car being driven up to garage. Woman driver, man emerge from car. The two walk forward. They have items in arms. The two rub noses, foreheads. Couple standing in yard. Woman stands at foot of steps. Older man emerges from home and joins her. Woman makes outward gesture with hand. 45:05. Slender woman wearing black coat walks forward. She is joined by formally dressed man. He removes hat. Another woman stands by car. She wears striped, wide-squared coat. Another woman approaches and opens car door for this woman. The door-opening woman removes cardboard box from backseat of car. She places it back in car. Family group assembled on steps of home. Man joins woman on porch. Woman descends steps. Couple descend steps. Woman stands between two young men. Two young men by car. One removes large square object. The other carries folded coat. 46:02. Group people assembled on bench outside of brick building. Bald man on end smokes cigarette. Fans himself with circular object. Woman holds papers, small box in hand. Ladies sitting on bench. People on tennis court. They're swinging their racquets, practicing their backhands, strokes, not playing game. Two parked cars in area. One car drives away. Woman, man emerge from car. Woman opens back door. She removes item therefrom. The two walk upward. Man carries suitcase. Woman carries small square box. 47:00. Two men, woman between them cross street as car goes past. They proceed across street. Younger man has book in hand. Man, book in hand, walking down street between two women. Man smiles. Shadowy shot. Ladies walk along midst shrubbery. (Looks to cataloguer as if they might be on stage.) Quick flash of light on three women. Shadows comprise foreground of shot. Woman in gown. Either play or important indoor ceremony, event. Gowned women in background. Quick flash light reveals women on stage. Perhaps a graduation. Woman stands before stately wooden door of building. She wears white surplice over long black dress. Looks to be a member of church choir. She smiles, spreads out bottom of surplice. People walk by. She walks forward. 48:01. Woman in suit emerges from store. Sign at side of store states: 'Traymore'. American flag flying. This looks to be a military base. Large lettering above store: 'James''(Salt water taffy.) People on sidewalk. Sea resort. Long dock. Canopied canvas chairs. Pan. of area. Long arched building in city. Sailor, others walk on street. Man drives small car along. It is a giant version similar to the kind that elderly or handicapped people of modern times use for shopping or going short distances. Everyone stares at this, then futuristic, vehicle. Front of vehicle enclosed by window. Majestic hotel exterior, the 'Hotel Strand'. 'Bromo-Seltzer' billboard. Shot tracks down to stores, tavern. Building states that it is 'Haddon Hall'. Long buildings near shoreline. People walk down boardwalk beside of ocean. (Cataloguer posits suggestion that this may be Atlantic City, New Jersey.) 49:01. Pan. shot of area taken from upper window with curtains drawn back to sides. Large lawn area visible in area. Buildings, line of canopied beach chairs in shot. Woman standing by car. She touches her brow. Formally dressed man emerges from car. He makes 'so what' gesture with hands. Three women stand at foot of steps. A fourth joins them. They smile, place hands over each other's shoulders. Three different women with the exception of one, all variously clad. Familiar woman waves. The other two do so as well. 50:01. The three disperse. Between them, two men carry trunk. Two women talking. Group of women stand near car. Woman standing near car. She lifts wrapped, long object. She carries object into house. Man carries luggage into house. Man in soldier uniform joins woman at foot of steps. Man, woman stand in Rotc doorway. Younger soldier, differently uniformed from the first, emerges from doorway. He has paper, diploma in hand. He and woman descend steps. 51:04. Ladies, soldier, older man descend steps of building. Couples, older man and woman, soldier and woman stand side by side. All smile. They change positions. Older man now smokes cigarette. Shot of group. Woman kisses soldier. Woman points. Older man and soldier shake hands. Older man hands coat to woman. Older man and soldier. Marble-columned building. This is college. Man descends steps. He wears graduation gown. He stands with diploma in hand. 52:00. Trees, lawn in area. Pan. tracks to right. Shadowed shot of area. Brick building. Looks empty. Back of building looks hollow. Front porch of building. Shot climbs upward. 53:01. Cars parked by sidewalk in front of building. Woman descends steps of building. Two men descend steps also. They carry luggage. Man wearing hat unlocks trunk of car. Men carry large, heavy item down steps of home. They place item in back seat of car. Man stands holding paper items in front of home. He appears to be postman. Shrubbery, bushes by home with cat in the midst. (End of Reel 60.)
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Atlantic City, New Jersey
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