[Anna B. Harris–home movies] Reel 33


Harris, Anna B. Collection
circa 1955
Original Format:
8mm film
Can Description:
Reel 33 box note: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont
Viewing Notes:
Reel 33 color, faded. Man and woman, he gives her a peck on the cheek. They hold hands, then switch places. He waves, tips hat, backs up. They walk away waving. They keep walking down dirt road, then point into underbrush. Another shot of the couple from the back as they continue to walk. Then in front of house, man opens door and woman gets into car on passenger side. The car drives away. Faded road. Two women, arm in arm. Another two women arm in arm, they are joined by man and woman and are in front of a red house (the camp?). Three people with black car, shadow of photographer in foreground with arm up to head (camera position). Long shadows. At Hapgood Pond for picnic, woman carries thermos, man has canvas bag. Approach pavilion with picnic table. Man and woman walking arm in arm. He is in a suit. Another couple stands stiffly by car. [The man and woman standing by car are Alec or Alex, from the Golf Club at Equinox, and Billy, his wife. Identified by a viewer at screening on August 16, 2017, in Manchester, VT.]
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