[Anna B. Harris–home movies] Reel 32


Harris, Anna B. Collection
circa 1953
Original Format:
8mm film
Can Description:
Reel 32 box note: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. Date code 1953
Viewing Notes:
Reel 32 color, faded. Woman with golf club outdoors in snow, by front door of house. Very poor exposure. Brick wall on two sides of her. Then she is walking by birch trees, waving golf club. Man and woman walking on patio. Are they at Bliss House? They kiss. Short sequence, hard to tell what's going on with people in a field. Man in red cap with dog on leash, two women in light colored dresses. Three women and one man walk in a parking lot next to two story building. African American man and woman in parking lot. Film is damaged and exposure is poor. There is a lookout. Child somersaults on lawn. Woman with golf bag, child has a club, runs around and somersaults wildly. Car in driveway.
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information

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