[Anna B. Harris–home movies] Reel 23


Harris, Anna B. Collection
Original Format:
8mm film
Can Description:
Reel 23 box note: To Anna Harris, Manchester Vermont. First picnic. June 1951. Judy, Billie, Dian, Betty. Winter Jan 1st. 1951 and Spring Picnic 1951. Date code 1950.
Viewing Notes:
Reel 23 b&w two women in snow with dog, they are in short boots. Not good exposure, no contrast at all of person with dogs, trees in background. House with wraparound porch, tree in foreground. Dogs run to camera. Still poor exposure or fade. House in snow, snow-covered trees. b&w picnic, summer dresses, men in now jackets, ferns in foreground, smiling woman. Man with Dixie cup wanders behind tree, pan to people standing. Quick pan to two women, one in polka dot dress, other batting away bugs. No contrast of cars at a small shed with people standing and entering building (camp?). Quick pan across to children on playground merry go round, woman turning it. Child in foreground. Person on horse.
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